[QUICK] $100 up for grabs... design an ecover for MinisiteWars

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Darren and I both agree that the cover that most captures the wars is Pulp Minisites entry... who are the winners of $100

With so many talented entries not making the top spot, we've decided to put the 5 runner up places to public vote... Darren and I have chosen our favourite 10 and are launching a POLL to decide the overall 5 runners up. Will be a new thread, as this one has become quite unwieldy

Here's the voting thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ou-decide.html

Good luck everyone, and congratulations to Pulp Minisites.

I hope you've all picked up a few enquiries from potential clients from this thread...

The battle may be over, but the WARS have only just begun.


By the way, Darren won our bout of paper, scissors, stone... with a cheap shot. He made a paper aeroplane and speared me with it from across the room.


A (made up) story...

Darren Kaye, a.k.a GraphicsGenie was in my neck of the woods the other day, wearing a trenchcoat and abusing the locals. I confronted him about his deviant behaviour and he became aggressive. As I'm a rock-hard-kick-ass-ninja-blackbelt, I was able to disarm the situation and at the same time I stole his wallet (for the prizemoney)

As we all know, Warriors are the most talented bunch of homosapiens on the planet and we have a need for the best designers for MinisiteWars 2008.

To help us discover who these designers are, Darren (Baldrick) and I came up with a cunning plan...

How about we put up a competition in the WarriorForum offering $100 for the best designed ecover (chosen by us) for Minisite Wars... WHAT?!?!?! $100 for an ecover? Yes indeedy!!!

The theme/spec:

MiniSiteWars 2008 - An epic battle of graphicial proportions
Two Designers - One Website - One Winner, You!

(many thanks to Peter Bestel for the winning tagline)

The rest is up to you...

If you're good, you may also be contacted by Darren and I about participating in this year's wars.

So, show off your skills - even if you don't win the $100, all these lovely warriors will get to see how awesomely amazing you are and you might get a few new clients out of it. You could also be selected as a combatant in the wars and win a nice big wad of the green stuff in the process.

You can enter as many times as you like...

The competition starts NOW and ends next Sunday...



P.S. Any questions - let me know.
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