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Hi there,

I have seen a lot of threads where people is asking how to get 1 million visitors a day within 3 minutes, and I have seen threads where people asked for 30.000 unique visitors a day within 1 week, its not a realistic goal.

So I want to ask you about something, and its not a big deal, but it may help someone new. Instead of going for 10.000 visitors a day, then just start with 10 visitors a day.

This shouldnt be so hard to get within hours, on autopilot.

So my question, or actually this is not a question because its an easy goal, but someone new might need this so here goes:

How would you get 10 unique visitors a day within 1 hour? Personally I would use social bookmarking, but is this enough? This should be on autopilot, so the 10 visitors a day should be going on like for ever or something like that. 1 hour is not that much, but could you do it? If yes, how?

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    I would buy an ad on a popular website.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    well I ment for free, sorry I didnt mention that...
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      Rather than 10 visitors, start with 1.

      Write an article and post it to an article directory.
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    I would say the best way to get long-term traffic is to provide quality content.

    How many articles can you write in an hour if you really tried?

    If you don't have any content, then what is there to bookmark?

    People usually go to websites when they are looking for a solution to a problem or question they have. (The blaring exception being the sites made to kill time, like Youtube and Facebook.)
    1. Make Content (or hire someone to do it)
    2. Get Traffic (search engine results and social bookmarking)
    3. Use the traffic ($$$)
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    Article - good idea.
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    Article marketer recommender around $90 per 3 months and unlimited article submission.Good stuff.Keep writing !
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      If you absolutely needed 10 Free visitors in an hour then I'd probably say making relevant posts in Niche Forums would be your best bet.

      It will take a day or two for your articles to get indexed which is considerably better - even though it's a far better long term route.

      PPC is still best for traffic if you've got a little bit of cash.
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          If you do the forums wont that only make for one time visitors? I dont think people would come back if they are just hearing you on a forum

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