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Hi Warrior forum,

I've been lurking for a while and think there is a ton of great experience on here, so I signed up! My new website has been approved by Amazon affiliates in the US. I also signed up for amazon affiliates Canada even though my site links to the US amazon only. I'm canadian so I figured I could help locally as well by linking fellow Canadians to my articles with some .ca links on the side. Amazon affiliates Canada denied my website for three reasons:


A part of our criteria is that your site has to be established with enough unique content. We rejected your application due to one or more of the following reasons.

- Lack of content which is original and beneficial to your visitors
- Pages that are mainly empty when advertisement content is removed (websites containing mostly images, videos, or Flash animations will not be approved)
- Sites containing graphic sexual images and/or sexually graphic banner advertisements

Unfortunately, we aren't able to review an application once it's been rejected. If your website has been further developed and now contains appropriate content, you're welcome to submit another application.
As far as I can tell, I don't meet any of this criteria. I wrote my own original article and have amazon affiliate links, wikipedia links, and I link to the Ubuntu site. There aren't ANY graphic images either. I got this email after I sent a response to their previous (almost identical) email.

Has anyone dealt with Amazon affiliates Canada beeing more harsh than the US? If so, What is my best course of action? I had earned at least $50 on there and now I can't log in.

Thank you for your help!
- Richard
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    Originally Posted by Richard Purvis View Post

    I also signed up for amazon affiliates Canada even though my site links to the US amazon only.
    Could be an issue with showing .com links when it should be .ca?

    Personally I wouldn't worry about it too much, you're much better focusing on the US version of the site, more traffic and better roi with the looney being lower.

    If you want a possible fix you could check out geotargeting that converts the link depending on your readers location (but they take a small percentage of commissions).

    Good luck
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