Anyone Experienced with Associated Content?

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I am trying to find some things for the wife and daughter to do and I am looking at Associated Content.

Does anyone here have experience with them or currently using them?

Thanks in advance for any input!
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    Yes, I used them, I have over 100 articles posted there.

    I'll give you pros and cons:


    It's fairly simple to get started.

    You get instant cash to PayPal

    You can make residual income on your articles (a certain amount per 1,000 page views)


    If you earn $500 they'll make you fill out and turn in a tax form

    The pay per article has really gone down hill.

    You have to know about keyword research to make decent per article money. If you pick high paying CPC keywords from Google keyword tool with good monthly searches and low competition you'll usually make $5-6 per article. With that being said, see my next point.

    There's no real rhyme or reason why you get paid what you get paid. They won't tell you their formula. One time I submitted an article on a topic and got paid over $8.00 I submitted another article in the same niche and got $4 something.

    Their approval times are hit and miss. Sometimes it only takes them 2-3 days other times I've waited up to 10 days for them to make an offer on how much they would pay for my articles.

    Honestly, from what I understand, is the better place to write for now. There are people who are earning $500-$1,000 per month residual income from their how to articles.

    -With all that being said-

    In my opinion, it would be more worth while for your wife and daughter to pick a niche use the Google keyword tool find good keywords, low competition and high searches and create a blogger blog and either promote an affiliate product from Clickbank or set up Adsense and put the articles on their blogger blog or whatever web 2.0 free site they choose and submit the articles to

    Two sources I'd highly suggest for them:

    Bum Marketing:

    Bum Marketing Method - Free Traffic Tips

    and the $5 mini site formula:

    Josh Spaulding's $5 Mini-Site Formula

    Both free and both from fellow Warriors. In the long run, they'll make more money using those resources than Assoicated Content or

    Or, if they wanted they could write for to get some experience and some cash while they worked on their bum marketing and $5 mini sites.

    I hope that helps.
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      Wow thanks for the speedy and detailed response Jason!

      You confirmed some things I was concerned about too.

      I've taken your advice to heart and I thank you for that!

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