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Till now I've participated only in free webinars and I'm wondering if paid webinars are much better than free ones. When developing business I believe every enterpreneur need to do his best. According to you are webinars important part of development and do you personally often participate in webinars? Which one do you prefer-free or paid webinar?
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    Back in the day when webinars were fresh on the scene you could get away with paid.

    But now webinars are everywhere, I think vendors have a hard job promoting paid ones...

    ...however, everyone now expects to get sold when they go to a webinar. If a paid webinar was promoted as 'this is what you'll learn and I'll show you how to do it, not just what to do', with the promise of no sale at the end, it might get some takers.

    More normally I see teaching webinars as part and parcel of a product sale e.g. 'buy my course and get invited to a Q&A webinar'. Those are very good because you can get your questions answered directly.
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    I don't think I've ever attended a paid webinar. All of the ones I go to (usually from Thrive Themes and The Hoth) are free. They usually promote their stuff at the end, which is how they make money. I think the whole "provide value now and charge later" concept comes into play here.
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