Marketing Plan for Launching my Coffee Brand on Amazon

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Hello everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
I have my own coffee roaster factory in Ecuador and produce high quality gourmet coffee. My business is succesfull in Ecuador, we are in all supermarket chains country wide.

Im also an Amazon FBA seller for about 1 year having success with a different product niche.

Now I have a challenge to take my coffee to the US market and thought about Amazon as a launching platform to test the product.

My product is already on Amazon, has about 170 reviews (4.6 star rate) which all are positive and seems that my product is of the like of the US customer. The problem is that there is too much competition and PPC is very high, even though I did my keyword research well.

I know that products like coffee are a little bit different as other products, its hard to just convince people my coffee is really good with images and copywrite.

What do you guys recommend me to do with the marketing of my product?, Which strategies you think would worth take a shot?

I have about 300 tester bags but I dont know how I could target the right audience which would test the product and if they like it they could buy it and become a repeat customer.

Thanks a alot
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    build a list and a youtube channel

    The list is for building a relationship with your new US audience and the YT channel is to show the authenticity of your amazing coffee.

    I'd use paid traffic (bing ads, FB and PPV) target those coffee lovers and see what converts best (target - squeeze page - lead magnet)

    maybe a lead magnet could be something like, how to brew coffee the right way.

    que te vaya bien,
    Ike Paz
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    If you have your own roasting factory and are already established in Ecuador you must have come across buyers from the USA. If not, start asking around to the local farmers and others in the industry there. Find one that everyone feels is trustworthy and try to get them to handle your USA distribution. I would think going that route to ship and then distribute in bulk would be much easier and far more cost effective that handling the shipping to the USA yourself. You mention it's gourmet which is always a plus, but Organic and Fair Trade coffee is a fast growing market here as well if you can sell it under those guidelines, especially on the West Coast and Pacific Northwest regions.
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    5 things:
    • Sell brand, not coffee.
    • Reverse-engineer competition.
    • Encourage other people to sell.
    • Grow a social media empire.
    • Leverage online success to encourage offline distribution.
    I'd need to know a great deal more, but my initial guess is that your brand is white noise in the U.S market; just another coffee brand. Before you take any form of action, my advice, you need to put together a plan comprised (at the very least) of those 5 elements above, and the main drive will be to rebrand for the U.S market; and this is not necessarily a physical rebranding of your product materials, but perhaps only a rebranding of the (easily altered) virtual materials.

    When you have that sorted out (the creative side), the rest is science. Take apart, intellectually speaking, your competitors: taking the good ideas, ignoring the bad. Utilize that knowledge, combined with other online marketing know-how, to grow a social empire across relevant, key, social platforms; and while you're doing so, be sure to look into endoresments. When you get that operational, and nicely ticking over, you will then know how to sell that brand online, and successfully so, and at that point you should look into encouraging affiliate promotion; never ask affiliates to sell something for you until you can sell it yourself. Lastly, if you get it right online, Diego, you will almost certainly be approached for offline distribution or, more likely, domestic partnerships. My advice: setup your own team in the U.S, going after distribution as you've done in Ecuador.

    Above: just Cliff Notes. As you know yourself, this is a massive project, and many more items need to be considered. Final piece of advice: stop paying for exposure for the time being; wasting your money. Anyway! Your thread caught my attention, and it sounds fascinating (I'm often starved for the "fascinating" on WF these days). All the best with this!

    - Tom

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    I would not sell directly to US consumers, other people are much better at that,
    myself i would only talk with distributors, people that talk to and place products
    in stores, supermarkets, gourmet retailers....etc.

    Let them handle it, they already know and understand their market, much better
    than anyone else. Saves a lot of trouble and time.

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    you can test different PPC platforms, prices are very different
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    A lot of the answers above do not address the issue of how to increase your FBA sales. I would consider their sponsored ads and perhaps coupons on various coupon sites.
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      Originally Posted by DWaters View Post

      A lot of the answers above do not address the issue of how to increase your FBA sales. I would consider their sponsored ads and perhaps coupons on various coupon sites.
      You're right,

      That's a great idea, advertise in house. Here is a guide for that:
      A Field Guide To Amazon Advertising

      best of luck,
      Ike Paz
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