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by kccan
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I run a standard ecommerce business, I sell message in a bottles for gifts invites...etc bottlemeamessage.com

my competitors are messageinabottle.com Â*invitationsinabottle.com timelessmessages.com

I use the following to advertise online - ppc - google and bing - about 50 keywords on each

I dabble in FB, Twitter and Instagram marketing using tools and Pinterest as well, I average about 100 visitors a day, I don't care if I get 10 visitors per day if 8 out 10 order fine, if I get 10,000 visitors and noone orders whats the sense.

I target different groups from college students to doctors to people in "relationships" Â*This is similar marketing that I have done for the past two years which converted rather well.

I have updated the website, I believe made it very simple to order, so you can design your own message in a bottle, so each one is as unique as the person whom receives it.

I have read numerous ideas from other threads and tried to implement those but most don't work out?

??? Advice wanted and Thank you.
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    Your competitors have the edge up on you in branding and search engine presence. You need to provide a service that is better than theirs, or different.

    The #1 piece of advice I can give you? Improve your design and get professional photos. When you compare the two sites yours looks very amateur.

    After that, work on differentiating yourself in some way.
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      Originally Posted by Slarkey View Post

      After that, work on differentiating yourself in some way.
      there you go, you do have competition so sell your USP

      also your traffic seems to be all over the place.

      why not focus on a traffic source that converts best for you and scale.

      all the best,
      Ike Paz
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    Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to a site and your first commentor may think your site looks amateur but not everyone will so never get upset about what people say about your site, just look over things and see what you can improve because I think it looks fine.

    As far as he knows you paid a top photographer to take your pictures. With that said your first competitor has a nice site, I like the way they have their bottles with flowers in the background it ads something to the look, you might try something like that, maybe putting a background of a beach in the background or maybe even some pictures of the bottle on the beach.

    So one of the questions to ask is are you not getting a lot of traffic or is it that your traffic not converting. Are the other sites on page one and you are on page 5 where no one is seeing it, The problem is so many people including myself spend so much time trying to get free traffic when paid traffic is so much faster and often converts much better the problem is what it costs compared to the return. If you were paying 25 dollars a day to sell a 40 dollar product that isn't very good but if you were paying 25 dollars a day to sell a 150 product and sold one a day rather then the other product that would be good.

    The problem is who to advertise with and who to target and unfortunately that usually takes money to figure out. Good luck and don't take comments to personally it will drive you crazy.
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      Mark, thanks for your input, I plan on doing some minor tweaking, and yes everyone has an opinion, I don't tend to worry about the negative. I do appreciate and enjoy constructive criticism like yours.

      Yes, paid traffic is king, and you hit the nail on the head, its just converting for the least amount of money possible.

      Take Care,
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    I have some ideas for you:

    1. I agree with the poster who says your photos look amateurish. That's because someone has just stuck some bottles on a sea and sand background.
    2. Everyone dreams of finding a message in a bottle thrown up by the tide. Why not a real photo of one of your bottles being washed in on a sea of foam?
    3. You say the bottle will arrive resting on "a White Sea of foam", yet I don't see a photo of this on your main page?
    4. I think pictures of what the bottles look like when they arrive and are first opened will have much more impact than the multitude of upright bottles all looking the same. Use angles rather than uprights.
    5. You say, in your post, that you've made the ordering process simple. Then say so! Make it a point of differentiation.
    6. You have lots of ordering options but the images all look the same. What am I getting with each option? How does a business message differ from an anniversary?
    7. DIY kit for 85c. That's initially confusing. Too many price options in the text. Try doing this graphically, showing people what they get for each price, instead.

    I hope you can take these criticisms the right way. This is the first time I've looked at this business so these are only first thoughts.
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