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by abbe77
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Hi Guys,

Any suggestion about the site where I can promote dating and match making CPA offers.

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  • I cant talk to what site but I do have a list that yields responsive subscribers if you are looking for a solo ad I have a responsive list in the dating niche?
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    You're unlikely to get specific replies; media buyers, like myself, live and die by the cost of exposure and the incremental EPC (earnings per click) that comes from that exposure. The last thing someone will tell you (well, someone not off their rocker will tell you) is where, exactly, they're purchasing high-converting dating traffic. No offense; just explaining why you're unlikely to find what you want here. Not to be entirely useless, though, I can tell you a couple of things. First, the absolute best place to buy dating traffic is from within a dating site (exposure to paying members being the best), and second to that any platform about dating where you can offer the audience dating services, yes, but dating services with features not currently covered on the ad platform, or not covered as well as those elsewhere (your offer). It sounds like you may be new to this arena, though, so I'd really recommend you looking into free channels of promotion; a case of getting your feet wet. Reason being: there's obviously a lot more than just knowing where to get traffic; you have to know how best to get the traffic, receive it, and send it off to your offers (to maximize the mentioned EPC). Upshot of the ramble - start out with free traffic methods; that's my recommendation.

    - Tom

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    Dating is such a hot niche that you can promote it anywhere. Last month I ran some campaigns for my client for dating and Biz opp niche sites, and the return was quite satisfactory.

    My suggestion is just let more people know about your dating offers, audience will do the rest. As much people will see the offer, as much conversion you will get.
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    MaxBounty and Neverblue has pretty good offers but in the end it's not matter of offers but your ability to drive traffic and convert it into leads.
    Well, personally I do promote dating offers from MaxBounty and Neverblue so give it a shoot...
    Can suggest another one Link. That one is not bad too.
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    media buy can burn your fingers if you don't know what you are dealing
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      Originally Posted by n3o View Post

      media buy can burn your fingers if you don't know what you are dealing
      Its true, have you any strategy to share with for getting good results from media buy? thanks
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