When did you decide make your blog a full-time gig?

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Hey Warriors!

I currently blog part-time in a couple of niches and make a decent income (let's just say more than my full-time income) while also working full-time.

For a long time I have toyed with the idea of going full-time on blogging but I am not entirely sure it's a wise decision for the long-term as the income is not 'stable' but rather volatile every month (the baseline of the last twelve months being about half of my full-time income though).

The advantages are obvious: I could scale up by applying myself full-time (maybe even hire someone else to help me) and grow my income.

However, I am afraid I might crash and burn and then have a hard time finding another job afterwards.

I'm curious to hear thoughts and opinions of people that made the switch successfully or otherwise.

Thanks for the help
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    Hey Man,

    Do not be afraid, I think firstly very confidently make yourself stable in making money as an affiliate.I have a plan for u if u do that it will work. Lets discuss:

    make a target for 1 month almost three times as your 1st month affiliate income must b as 100 $ and for 2nd 200 $ and for 3rd 300 $ so if you become successful then it means you have been able to make that income. After you can go to left your job option,i think must be.

    Build your building of dreams not others.
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    Hi Cartier,

    Dive right into that fear dude

    I became a full time blogger when I bought my domain and hosting 8 years ago.

    Wild ride at times but when I make the movie, it'll have been even more worth it

    Seriously though, dive in. You learn through fear and hey; you're already banking nice coin as is. Even if things are volatile from month to month you only gain the clarity, fire, hunger and passion when you dive in with both feet, going forward after cutting off sources to retreat.

    Sounds scary and it is sometimes but I feel blogging is hands down the best business and brand building vehicle online. You can do a gazillion things through a blog, from a monetizing and value sharing perspective.

    But I am horribly biased LOL.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    nothing is stable but it is comfortable..

    depending on your niche..

    I know my down times niche-wise but I also know how to make up for it.

    take the dive
    Ike Paz
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    Currently I am not quite making a regular income that matches my regular employment. My plan is when I can match that from my side hustles online and off I will make the switch!
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    My rule of thumb is when you have steady traffic from different sources turned into true fans who want hear from you- Constant steady traffic
    When you have built a list of these fans and can relate to them on regular bases.

    When you have steady revenues from your blog for at least 6 months.

    Full time means stability.

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    Blogging full time is not a good way to make money. Use it for pocket change.
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    There are so many pro bloggers are online who are making their living from full-time blogging. They leave their job for full-time blogging. If you are confident about your income than go on you can also do full-time blogging.
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    You asked for opinions... here's mine.

    Do not quit your job..

    Trust your gut instinct.

    There will be a time to quit, but it's not right now.

    Reinvest the profit from your blog into making it bigger and stronger, before you quit.. and when you're earning a similar amount to your job, then quit.

    At the moment you'd effectively half your income, and that sucks.. so you wouldn't have much room to grow.

    Right now you have cash to play with. Use it on growing your brand.


    You also asked when we decided to go full time...

    I jumped in way too early... and spent years struggling and felt like I was playing catch-up.

    Technically.. I was making money, and technically... it was full time, but I was working around the clock, chained to my computer, for a very small amount of money in comparison to the hours I worked..

    But I suppose back then, we didn't have the same guides, coaching and training material that's available today.. so who knows, maybe I've got it wrong.

    It probably comes down to your circumstance.. if you don't have any dependants, like children.. then there's less risk involved.

    I was a lone parent with a small child when I took the leap, silly thing to do then, silly thing to do now.
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    Build your list - that will stabilise your income. If you are relying predominantly on free/organic traffic to your site, ultimately you have no control over what is happening because the algorithms are constantly changing (and with it your rankings). My 2 cents - Now is not the time to quit your job - now is the time to ramp things up so that your blog income exceeds your current income. Once that is achieved you can build up some reserves before making the leap. If you leave your job too early you will feel MASSIVE pressure to produce and that can be very stressful.
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