Help please : Root domain and robots.txt file questions

by pede 2 replies
I need to know and do not, all about how Google treats subdomains and/or sub folders when you have say.... twenty different sites on one domain?

I mean... do I need to have a robot.txt file in EACH directory excluding all other directory's?

I never seem to get much love from Goo when I have a lot of different things on one domain. But then again, I do not know anything about what I am asking of you. I am sure there is a way to effectively do this where I can see some organic love from Goo.

Like.... a blog in one folder, my root that is something different, an autoresponder in another, a plr product in another, my own own products in several other folders.

I mean I do have a lot of domains BUT I have THOUSANDS of reasons to use subdomains/folders.

Did I explain this well enough?

How do I create a clean Google friendly domain with MANY other things in other subs or folders?

Please help me out with this...

It's time I started really getting serious about IM.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and effort,
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