Converting already written articles into a business or revenue?

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Been a while since I posted so I make this short. Last few years I've had an offline brick and mortar business. With it, I have been writing articles for our local paper which were published in print and online. From there I had some others reach out to me and wrote articles for approx 7-8 different websites. I never made anytbing from these because I was doing it to push my local business.

Now that I've sold the business I'm still writing and curious if there is a way to go about monetizing this at all? I know it wouldn't be much at all but curious if there is a way.

I thought maybe just start a blog but I can't put the same articles on my own blog.

Just looking for any direction. Thanks.
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    Originally Posted by JustinG30 View Post

    I thought maybe just start a blog but I can't put the same articles on my own blog.

    Why not? Did you sell the articles as part of your former business? Unless they were specifically mentioned as part of the business sale, I would think since you are the creator of the articles, the author, you would be the sole copyright holder.

    Even if the articles were part of the sale, you should be able to use the ideas and research you did previously to reconstruct and add new thought to your articles and give them a new format and style to reflect your current business.

    If you don't want to create a blog, you could sell the articles as PLR. You could also bundle them and create short reports on specific in-demand topics (of say 15 pages each) and sell them from a niche site. You could also combine the reports into an e-book or e-course on a particular topic. They might also be used as content in a private paid membership site.

    If none of this appeals to you, you might start a niche site (or several) using the articles as content to draw people to your site where you could sell your own products or affiliate products in the niche.

    All of this is conditional upon the articles being well-written, having value to those in the niche, and being updated to make sure they are "current" and still relevant in the marketplace.


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