Everybodys biggest problem in IM currently and solutions thread

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We all have problems. Any Internet run business relying on 3rd parties do.

Took keep it short and sweet - share your problem and if you happen to be reading and know how to help someone who has written about their problem then pipe up and help them out.

Deciding if it's worth running a copywriting course (so simple anyone can be making monthly income 30 days after reading it) with PLR or not?

If it's sold with the PLR I'll only do about 50 copies max so that if it's a good seller then it doesnt get saturated and customers can actually call it their own and relaunch, then if it isn't PLR guess I'll go with 300.

It's a whole course. The most simple way to beat procrastination and it comes with study materials that people genuinely sell for $647+ and are really rare (swipes from the 50's to the 90's from the greatest direct response writers)

What should I do??
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    Originally Posted by TheTattooedMarketer View Post

    What should I do??

    Everything starts with market demand. Begin by researching online to both validate that what you are planning to sell is actually in demand, but also to find out what specific problems, questions, solutions, and desires your target market has at present. Knowing what the demand is precisely will help you to formulate a solution to the demand that will sell. Make sure you address these specific details in your course.

    You will probably want to gather some powerful testimonies from people that have benefited from your course. It's social proof that others will pay attention to even more than they will believe what you say about it.

    You will need a compelling sales page, one that resonates with your prospects and leads the potential buyers from knowing nothing about you . . . all the way to . . . desperately wanting your offer and paying for it right then and there!

    There are other things you'll need, but this will get you moving forward.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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  • Yes. Got it all ready mate.

    Launched it already (not on the site) didn't let it see much views but conversions from cold traffic were good. It was a front-end to a funnel after a squeeze page and sold at $31.97 and seen 130 views roughly so I know I have sales page down and will have a higher conversion rate in the WSO section.

    I guess I'll limit the copies as the novelty of the swipes is something I have seen people like $500-$1000 for and I can have a higher price due to the scarcity and I can imagine many copywriters wont be sharing the swipes if they buy the course lol

    It's really a beginners course but all copywriters would benefit from it due to the simple daily planner + the swipes.

    We will see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.


    Who else has some problems??
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    my problem?

    profiting off my baby shower list after the baby shower is over.

    most of my subs aren't the expecting moms, they're the expecting mom's friends...

    I surveyed them, and their interested in weight loss and parenting..

    recently. ive built a year long email series on the two subjects..

    hopefully it'll do well..

    here's hoping....

    Ike Paz
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    Why would you only sell 300 copies?

    Have you taken a look at the top sellers on Warrior Plus and JVZoo? Some of those products sold copies into the tens of thousands.

    I can understand limiting the number sold if it's PLR, but even then you could sell at least 500 copies and not have it get saturated.

    Also, if you are going to consider PLR, I would make PLR to the course an upsell, and charge handsomely for it.

    Also, there's no way you can get an accurate picture of how well it's going to sell with 130 views/visitors.

    You need many more visitors to get an accurate idea of what your conversion rate is going to be. 130 visitors is way too small a number to get any valuable and/or accurate data.

    I would say you'd need to test it in segments of least 500 visitors at each price point to find out where your sweet spot for pricing is going to be. Then you would also need traffic that is targeted in order to fins out how the product is really going to perform.

    Also, you need to understand that there are also a lot of great copywriting courses out there and some are less than $20 and some are more than $500. Then there are many in between that are pretty good.

    I see that you also tested the traffic after they had subscribed. You would want to run traffic directly to the sales page, as that's what affiliates who decide to promote your product are going to be doing.

    If you want to run an accurate simulation, you need to keep it as close to what will happen in reality. If I'm an affiliate and I decide to promote your product to my list, I'm going to be sending the traffic directly to your sales page, not through a lead capture page first.

    I think you need to do a lot more research before you launch. If you are also going to limit sales to 300 copies, you would need a higher price point than $31 or it really won't even be worth it. Just my two cents.
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