Keeping new paying customers happy by NOT being the Terminator

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When you get new customers for your products....

Do you turn them on or off?

has a fun story to read that gives you superb customer service advice (by NOT being like the Terminator!). Besides getting a history of the customer service business, you're treated to this gem:

"All in all, there is plenty going for the automation of Customer Success. To resurrect the pop culture reference from earlier - the Terminator is looking all kinds of shiny and helpful."

Did someone say shiny? You can see why this article caught my attention!

But let's explore the AI problem for a bit (ie, bots for customer service and the like).

If you're selling digital products, chances are, you get people on your list once they buy, right?

And you immediately send out a welcome letter that ideally tells people how to access their purchase?

Does your customer service end there?

Or is it just beginning?

In this digital age, there are lots of ways to increase your customer service customer satisfaction, like:

7 Tips for Doing Customer Service Right Over Social Media | Digital Pivot

6 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Digital Age (Infographic) | Provide Support

And dont forget traditional customer service too, like:

Forbes Welcome

In closing, don't be a Terminator...

... Be a Proactive Communicator when it comes to making your business shine!

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