I have trouble coming up with a constant flow of topics

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Dealing with marketing for a specific business segment, I have trouble constantly coming up with new topics for the blog, emails, magazines and journals I want to be featured in, guest posts, etc.

Does anyone have a good website in mind that is really good at this? I'd really like to learn from example in this area.
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    Hi Della 223,

    Firstly you need to be reading the postings on the blogs, magazines and journals you want to be featured in. Engage the different topics related to your niche with comments or questions and if allowed use your marketing blog's link with your signature.

    As you continue to do this you'll develop confidence about topics in your niche and with some research you'll come up with discussion topics.

    Reading and research in your niche will always sitmulate relevant tipics to write about.

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    Use Google !! . . . search on the topic you're writing about, read blogs, webpages, etc. that you find, noting down topic ideas as you go.

    And as the other reply says, do the same with magazines etc.

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    If you are running out of topics I must assume that you have an extensive list of topics already. If that is the case I would agree with other post about doing more research and visiting and taking idea notes from other resources in your niche. Also I would add that since information is constantly changing and evolving, perhaps you can take some of your older topics and revisit them with updated material where applicable.
    Hope this helps
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    Hang around communities that are based on your subject and participate in discussions with people there. That will give you a pulse on what interests them and it'll give you ideas to write about.
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    Do some research on Amazon and Yahoo Answers.

    Go to Amazon and check out the Table of Contents of books ("Look Inside") in the category and/or sub-category within which you would like to write. You may get inspiration from chapter headings.

    In regards to YahooAnswers, you may want to focus on the problems people are having, as it relates to your niche or subject matter, and write about it with a solution.

    Visiting forums in your niche should also give you plenty of material upon which to write if you pay attention to the threads with the most views and comments.

    I hope you find my advice helpful. Good luck!

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    Set up a Google Alert for your topic. You'll get any relevant news related to your topic automatically emailed to you. I've done this before and it saves a lot of time doing redundant Google searches.
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      Originally Posted by BradVert2013 View Post

      Set up a Google Alert for your topic.

      And visit Buzzsumo too

      Even without paying for the Pro version, it is still a great source for ideas!
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    Here are some great sites I check out when I'm looking for inspiration on what to write on a topic:

    Quora (Hugely trafficked site where people go to ask/answer questions on various topics ranging from technology to marketing to economics to spirituality to cooking to...well, you get the idea). Search for threads on topics in your industry to see what people are talking about.

    Reddit (Another really popular site sometimes referred to as "The Front Page of the Internet". People go there mostly to share links to articles, videos, etc. You can find "subreddits" on almost any topic imaginable and find out what questions, lingo and trends are popular)

    Twitter (Check the Twitters of thought leaders in your industry, competitors and see what they're Tweeting about, plus you can use Twitter's advanced search feature to search by keywords and see what potential customers are saying).

    Medium (Popular blogging website where you can find lots of high quality articles by topic)

    Buzzsumo (This is a tool that's free to use, but with limited functionality unless you upgrade to the paid version. But the free version allows you to search for keyword or website and find out what content is being shared the most on social media, so instead of having to figure out what content is popular with your market, you can determine it based on what they're already sharing)

    Hope that helps!
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    you're an idea pirate scouring the 7 seas of the internet for ideas..

    What are the 7 seas of the internet you ask:

    - Google Keyword Planner

    - Niche related forums

    - Google Auto-fill on your browser

    - Google trends

    - Buzzstream Discovery

    - Niche related Blogs

    - YouTube Trending

    You see,, there are plenty of things to write about, regardless the niche...

    -Ike Paz
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    I've never ran out of topics to write about but I've been in large markets for a while now. I find that whenever I write one article, topics for 5 or 10 more reveal themselves. It's almost like you can always go more in depth on something that you've previously touched on.

    I mainly use the keyword planner and long tail pro to find topics for blog posts. For emails, I generally go off of commonly asked questions.
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