Beyond Pokemon Go is... this. You should keep it in mind....

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So you might remember the success of Pokemon Go...

One reason why its so popular is because it *overlays* something in the real world.

Aka, you're walking down the street and see a Pikachu.

Obviously, its a digital Pikachu.

Overlaid on your phone screen.

That's called 'augmented reality'.


Has an interesting take on that...

To wit:

"Over 100 million users are also using another form of AR every day with Snapchat geofilters. Seamlessly merging the real and the virtual in photographs is proving to be a phenomenal hit for the social network."

It's NOT just a gaming thingee....

... it's something that connects the real world of the user to something that makes them happy.

You should definitely brush up on Augmetned Reality:

100 Best Augmented Reality Tutorial Videos |

has some useful videos to help.

In closing, don't ignore AR....

... Be prepared to include the idea in your future works.

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    I've been reading a lot about AR in the news recently. It certainly does seem to be the "next big thing," in a number of different industries, not just gaming. Certainly something that merits keeping an eye on for future profit potential.
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    I wonder if VR and AR can coexist or is one going to beat out the other...

    if AR wins then ADs are going to be crazy ridiculous

    -Ike Paz
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    Totally. AR is seriously the next big thing. I was discussing it with one of my friends the other day, on how it can affect and improve the value of Sales letters and how marketers use emotional aspect to increase their product value.

    I can see some really great applications of AR in the future, even for IM stand point.
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    AR is not some new technology. A few years ago someone here on the WF created a WSO showing how to sell this to local businesses. Too bad they were just too far ahead of the times. Wonder if it's still around?

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    Thanks for the AR tutorial, Barb

    While Pokemon Go's popularity will probably peter out at some point in time, it did VALIDATE the concept of AR as a popular pop culture phenomenon

    The next step may be a fully commercialized version of AR. When people get together commercial opportunities abound in a particular space and point in time. This can be a springboard to many startups.
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    The only reason why Pokemon Go is so very successful, is only because everyone loves Pokemon. People who have young childeren now, watched it when they were young, played the card game.
    Students at colleges and universities played the pokemon on their Gameboy Color and grew up with pokemon.

    That is why approximately 50% of all people who play Pokemon Go is between 25 and 35 years old.

    Ingress, the game developed by Niantic where the same AR system was used as in Pokemon Go, wasn't very popular at all. In fact, i'm sure that most people think Po-Go is the first AR game...

    Ingress was an awesome game, but it was missing an ingredient that could make it go viral.

    Pokemon / Nintendo was the answer

    So IMO Pokemon was the main aspect of the success of Pokemon GO
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    I'm kind of shocked we haven't seen many Pokemon go knock offs, just by taking the same idea and replacing Pokemon with something else
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    It's still trending and people need to get it on this.
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    It's been used by architects for about 20 years or so.

    The high end kitchen furniture retailers and similar used it for live visualisation. Before then it was static 3D.

    The 'wear a hat / face' apps have been popular for some time too.
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