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by Kym Robinson 6 replies
Hi guys and girls

my daughter has been clicking away on a ptr site for ages (apparently) one of her friends put her onto it and they click while she's on msn chatting to her buddies anyway!

now she seems to think she has accumulated over 50K and has asked for $300 to upgrade to get her payment!

Im thinking this is a load of absolute crap - but have never even seen this sort of site before - so thought I'd come in and ask?

has anyone dealt with Silvanamails.com?

is there an authority site where you can check out these sort of sites?

will paypal tell you whether they pay or not?

and alternatively..........because I reckon this is crap and prefer to concentrate on real internet marketing..........something I should direct my daughter to read, because of course - what does mum know anyway??????

my smart arse 15 year old wants to work online like mum!.........of course she knows far more than me! - Im nearly ready to give her a poster that says...........

Tired of being harrassed
by your stupid mother?
Move out!
Get a job!
Pay your own bills!
while you still know everything!

sorry for my little rant!..................any info greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance - Kym
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    Pay $300 to get $50,000?
    Sounds like a smaller version of the Nigerian scam to me?

    I wouldn't give'em a dime.

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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      That's great. I wouldn't be ranting so much though. She is 15 and has (some) entrepreneurial spirit.
      If she has $300 saved up then I would be telling her to think about it and if she believes it is the right decision then to go ahead and pay the money!

      What a great chance to learn the realities of IM and pitfalls of instant gratification.

      I would be tempted to loan her the $300 if she thinks its a good idea.
      Only by truly experiencing these mistakes will she change her mind and actually realize that you have to work this business.

      This could really turn things around. I wish I had a 15 year old kid to at home to help me with my Internet Business.

      Mind you. My kids are 1 and 3 now. All they do to help is pull the plugs on the computer before I have backed up 4 hours of work. (slight exaggeration here)

      Good luck anyway!!


      Why Drink Coffee only?

      (Warrior Discounts)

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        Thanks guys............BUT..........
        is there actually an authority site that susses out other sites and determines whether they are scams or not?
        Thanks - Kym
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          Originally Posted by Kym Robinson View Post

          Thanks guys............BUT..........
          is there actually an authority site that susses out other sites and determines whether they are scams or not?
          Thanks - Kym
          Yes, there is. It's called "Google".

          The first 5 listings for Silvanamails.com return scam warnings.

          Feel free to investigate further.
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    Go with your gut feeling. If they want money then its probably a scam
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      Well thanks all especially cremaster!
      I didnt even think to go to google!
      Have read all the scam alerts there and will be showing my daughter the same!
      Thanks again - thread can be closed!
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