Is a micro niche website or blog still a good thing to earn affiliate income?

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Hello warriors, I am starting a micro niche website so can anyone here tell me is it still a good thing to do. My aim is to earn a decent income through adsense, clickbank and some other third party companies.

I have sorted out the niche which I want to promote or work for but don't know how to get started. I have heard that quality content and seo optiomization are the main thing to rank in the Google search results but I have no knowledge about these things. So can any person from the relative field help me to get started with this?
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    Depends on how you are expecting to get traffic to it. SEO takes a long time, at least months, to build up to what most people consider is a profitable level. Your best bet, in the short term, is paid traffic from, say, Facebook ads.

    But, first, do you:

    a) know whether people are actually looking for the products you want to promote from ClickBank?

    b) do the people in the niche have a desperate problem they need to solve?

    c) Would they be prepared to spend money to solve it?

    d) Do you know where these people hang out when they are online? Because this is where you'll need to advertise.

    I know these might seem like difficult questions when you are just starting out, but you do need to know the answers in order to see whether it is worth putting time and effort into a niche site.

    I see too many people start off thinking 'oh, I'll just build a review site' or 'I'll just build an Amazon affiiate site' and then become discouraged when they get little or no traffic.

    Finally, whether you are looking for SE based organic traffic or paid traffic, you need to have done extensive keyword research to find the terms people are using to look for whatever it is that they need.

    There are plenty of software tools that can help you do that as well as good old Google Keyword Planner. Take a look at some of the current WSOs about keyword tools, for example.

    It's the keywords that dictate how you'll be driving traffic, what should be the focus of your micro-niche site and the content that you'll be putting on it.

    One more thing - don't forget to build a list by offering everyone who does visit your site an ethical bribe to get their email address. Use an exit pop up, at least, to make sure people don't leave empty handed.
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    Getting good traffic to your project will require TIME or BIG MONEY (to invest)

    are you ready for them?
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    Thanks Peter, you have made very valid points I am going to work hard on those things. By the way can you suggest me some good advertising services where I can promote the offer or my micro niche website.
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    If done correctly it can be very profitable. But, probably not with adsense. I would get the free reports from they tell you how to properly make money from these type of sites


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    yup, still works

    but you got work at it, capture leads and be consistent...

    i know it sounds trite but there is a reason for that...

    those are all the ingredients you need.

    best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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    Anytime you're in a situation where there are large groups of people who seek or need solutions to similar problems.

    And you are able to provide solutions that help them get results Easier. Or get more results. OR get results faster.

    You will be in a position to be very successful, for a very long time.
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    Yes it can work.

    One approach would be to plan your affiliate products before you choose how narrow your niche is. For example with Amazon products, an ideal niche-website might have about 100 potential products. Less than that and your niche is too narrow, more than that and it is probably better to split the niche into smaller ones.

    You can create several of these, write about 10 pages of content for each, do some SEO, and see what the results are after a few weeks . . . some product areas just don't sell well, for no reason that can be determined beforehand, so to get good results, it's better to have several website for different product-areas, then improve the ones that are working best . . . try different monetization methods, then optimize for whichever one is working best.

    As others area saying, definitely capture emails for a mailing-list, as that will make more income from the visitors, long-term.

    Hope that helps

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    niche sites are still great, just gotta beat out other people in your niche... which means more more more content and links! more keywrods!
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