Best way to get traffic for an article?

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Hey guys, my Autism support group wishes to create an article on the net offering "prayer" for parents and caregivers of autistic kids and adults. I don't have article [blogging?] experience so I would appreciate any advice you guys can give which may help have some success with this venture.

The blog or article will be a one time thing, just that, an article telling our story and showing our contact info for anyone who needs to have prayer said for them to contact us. So it's not like there will be fresh content, just one article on the web. We would like to reach people nationally or maybe internationally.

Any ideas/suggestions please? Thanks.
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    Hello there,

    I believe it is best if you start off with promoting the article on social media sites. In this way, you can save money because it's free. In addition, since your article niche has a very narrow scope, using the right keywords that convey the services you can give to readers would help.

    Hope this helps and wishing you the best of luck on your cause.
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    Well, why not create some form of social presence? You only got one article,
    but on any social platform you can directly interact with like minded people.

    If you dont want to do that: Simply go to fiverr and search for a blog in your niche
    your keyword + guest blog. Then pick the one with the highest DA or PR and
    then your article has a fair chance to show up in search engine results for your
    target keywords [that should appear in the tittle of your article]

    In that case you neither need a social presence or a blog, BUT:
    it would be still good to have one or both. Because then you can link
    back to your guest post, so it rill rise faster, with more credibility and
    eventually authority votes [if you do it persistently and multiple times]

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    Just talk about vaccines and you'll have more people arguing than Trump vs Hillary.
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    Originally Posted by mikehende View Post

    Any ideas/suggestions please? Thanks.
    Yes, do some real volunteer work instead of "praying"... Then blog about your experiences doing real things that might actually help somebody instead... Just my 2 cents...

    Anyway, if it's just a single article you want to publish, I would suggest medium dot com and then sharing it on social media and/or post about it on relevant forums.
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    Take a help of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+.
    Share your article on these platforms.
    Mention mention the people you’ve referenced. In this way, The people you mention will see that you’ve mentioned them and some will re-share.
    Any time you mention someone, interview someone, include a link to someone’s article, etc., email that person to let them know you’ve done so.
    This way your article will gain impression of the source network and will reach to lot of people.

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    I believe if you want to get traffic for an article start promoting the article on social media sites and do web 2.o submission.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Create an account at viral content buzz which is a free social media sharing platform and people will share your article across thier networks.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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      Originally Posted by EPoltrack77 View Post

      Create an account at viral content buzz which is a free social media sharing platform and people will share your article across thier networks.

      yup,, i'd like to add to this...

      make sure you put at least 100pts in when you add your content so that ppl can share your content for days on end.

      -Ike Paz
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    ....and then there is addmefast - you guys know how to use them?

    i do - but why should i tell you?

    let me know - the reason why

    and maybe i spill the beans

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      Originally Posted by George Schwab View Post

      ....and then there is addmefast - you guys know how to use them?

      i do - but why should i tell you?

      let me know - the reason why

      and maybe i spill the beans
      To do as we are doing, simply trying to help others in need without expecting or getting anything in return?
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    There so many ways to promote an article for good backlinks. If you want traffic after posting to it the blog's website, you just need to promote it including sharing in groups and communities of social media. This will be helpful for you to get as much as traffic possible for your good quality of content.
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    You can submit your link to any sub, or post it on Also you can advertise it in forums like this (following the site rules, to avoid been banned).
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    social media helps and also if you find other groups with similar interests as your autism support group, they would probably appreciate the article
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    In the case, If I were you I will promote that article and get traffic from social media. That is the best way in your case. Thought there are many ways to get traffic from them, you can find out more about it out there such as google,....
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    If you're not really confident with your writing,you can outsource it to others..

    For promotion, like others said, social media is your bestfriend.. Facebook for example, you can find relevant fb groups and join them.. you can then promote it there.

    One more thing is reaching out to other website owners that talk about things related to your "Autism" article. Contact them and ask them to share your article
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    If you are able to write article by your own then it's ok and if not then hire professional content writer for it because content play a big role in the SEO. The best way to increase traffic for an article is to write unique and fresh content. If article content is fresh then it will automatically generate traffic. You can take help of social platforms for awareness of new article.
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    Why not put your article on an authoritative website like That website gets tons of traffic on a daily basis plus you can leave a link to your website in your author bio.
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    I am totally agree with others here viral and impressive content is the best way to increase traffic. So, try to write an unique article to your niche. This will help you.
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    Good idea to promote it through social networks. And it shouldn't be a web-site if we are speaking only about one page and one article.
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  • Hello Mike

    If you are looking to distribute a blog or article to a large audience then how about doing an Ezine article?

    Once you have the blog/article in place then it can be very effective to get an ezine publisher to send our your piece as a sponsored link on their ezine. This will go out to large lists of already opted in email addresses. This can be free or very low cost depending on who you are trying to reach.

    I've had some success with similar projects, albeit from a more commercial or branding persepctive - cant see it being any different for your charity!

    Hope this helps

    Evan Mitchell - GhostRock Digital
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    First off, it's so great that you are working for a good cause and I hope I can offer some help with your question. Second, I do believe that social media, would be the best platform to promote your articles. As audience can relate the emotions on social platforms and feel more interactive with the article, providing comments and even gaining support and awareness of their own struggles with one another. Your article/awareness campaign on social media will generate high chances to share your ideas to a larger audience, and though you do not plan to continue posting, if you have some interaction with other on social media who, like you, wish to provide support to those affected by autism, then reaching out through social media can generate much more attention to your article. Best of luck and hope this helps!
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