Top Tips for Lead Generation?

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I've got a good quality product, and my sales funnel is all sorted. Now, I'm trying to find out the best methods to pour as many good quality leads as possible in to the funnel, to maximise my earnings.

I have a free eBook, and a YouTube video with the freebie giveaway link beneath it. Aside from FB ads, what other methods do you find most effective?

If you're interested, the product is in the self-development / self-improvement field.

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    Originally Posted by afilmarket View Post


    I've got a good quality product, and my sales funnel is all sorted. Now, I'm trying to find out the best methods to pour as many good quality leads as possible in to the funnel, to maximise my earnings.

    I have a free eBook, and a YouTube video with the freebie giveaway link beneath it. Aside from FB ads, what other methods do you find most effective?

    If you're interested, the product is in the self-development / self-improvement field.

    Giveway well known product that related to yours product. The goals is to get as many sharing and leads.
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    The truth is, not too many people want an ebook. They want the solution to their problem and they want it quick. The idea of wading through an ebook isn't always attractive to many people.

    I'd find the #1 pressing problem your target market has, and offer a solution to it that can be delivered or taught in 3 to 5 minutes.

    Just a few things to think about.
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    Ask useful questions...
    Why would anyone need this product?
    Who needs it?
    Will it solve a pressing problem?
    How fast?

    Building a sales funnel in a self development niche is sweet and easy too... or seems like it. But authority products and endorsement will go a long way in making it work.

    An example>>
    A product on Moving up the sales ladder at work.
    It has a problem to solve and that is helping the sales guy not get fired next month.
    A pressing problem will be the guy who just had a bad rating at the last assessment.
    He sure wants a fast-fix.

    Authority product here will be top advice from industry leaders' sales director or someone like that or an analysis from a guy like Brian Tracy.

    Get your product endorsed by a sales manager and you are set to go.

    You don't need to think, just imagine! Junks of reality

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    The goal is to get your message or campaign (offer) in front of as many targeted prospects as you can. One way to do that is to have many, many entry points to your business. Valuable content in the niche distributed at lots of different venues where prospects "hang out" or visit will give you these entry points. These points might be a link to your offer, a subscription form to your email list, a link to your site's home page, a video, a banner, a trip wire, or any number of other "passages" back to your business.

    Any of these marketing tactics can work. But what they all have in common is they need to be deployed so that your target audience sees them and pays attention to them. I think authority sites in your niche (which is not self- development - that's a huge marketplace) is one of the things you ought to consider. In every niche there are authority blogs, portals, forums, directories, product sites, and other "hangouts" frequented by your audience. These are the places I would focus my efforts in addition to any paid advertising you're doing.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Have you tried solo ads?

    Give it a try and do some tests.
    It all comes down to your budget tho.

    If you got a descent budget, you know that your product is of quality and have a good sales funnel then I would definitely try PPC.

    Do a good keyword research and I would go with Bing.

    To your success,
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    blogging helps if you can add value to your customers for free. Also, add a email subscription box, emails = leads. It could take some time to grow though so hang in there
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    I use back page. True, you have to pay. However, it is not expensive. They do not have pay pal option any more. OK so they have bit coin. Like that is a great way to transfer money.

    Back in the good old days I use to use craigslist to drive traffic to my web pages. Sadly, they do not allow clickable links any more. Yeah, that really hurt me. People are just too lazy to cut and paste text so that option is near gone. I have not tried gum tree as I am not living in England, but you could try that one. All the best of luck to you.
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    My lead generation tip for self-development / self-improvement products is to contact network marketers. Personal development is valuable to succeeding in that business.

    A great opportunity would be Beachbody coaches. There are thousands of beachbody coaches. Many top coaches in the network hold weekly online meetings for personal development. You can ask to speak on one of those virtual meetings. You can even share free chapters of your books or those freebies you are talking about.

    Many of these coaches have their own blogs or facebook pages. You can start connecting with them through their social media accounts and by e-mail.
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    In my Opinion To Generate a Lead and Business we need to have content marketing in proper way. like need to have an unique writer and discuss about the product or services in descriptive manner and can publish in so many platform just like site's have their own blog plus there are blogging platform through which they can generate leads.
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    Join some relevant communities and Forum threads for better results.
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    The best methods of lead generation are as follows:

    1)Linkedin Lead generation: Linkedin is still one of the untapped social forums as far as connecting and nurturing leads is concerned. It is extensively used for B2B businesses.Once you identify your target audience, connect with them, pitch them as to how you have been struck by their work and you could collaborate with them. You may use followup messages as well.

    2)Blog marketing and guest blogging: Once you realise who your target audience is, use analytics tools to find what your target audience is searching for. Their queries become your topic for blogs. You may also get in touch with other similar blogs and do guest blogging.

    3)Email marketing: Using emails you directly get in touch with the person required. Moreover you can personalize your message as per the recipient. You may use email automation tools like mailchimp.

    Happy to help!
    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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    You can go for solo ads. Contact vendors in your niche and ask for price. Or native advertising works well in your niche as well. 12 Examples of Native Ads (And Why They Work) good blog post about it, not mine :-)
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    My best tip for lead generation would be to master conversion rate optimization so your cost-per-lead (CPL) is as low as possible.
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    Youtube videos, solo ads, a JV would help and a killer sales copy for your landing page and emails.

    Some people concentrate so much on getting traffic that they forget the visitor-to-buyer conversion part.
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    I found this on the internet, hope this will help you a little

    21 Lead Generation Strategies
    1. Direct Mail
    2. Effective Advertising
    3. Referral Systems
    4. Host Beneficiary Relationships
    5. Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    6. Telemarketing
    7. Qualified Lists
    8. Networking
    9. Circle of Leverage
    10. Internet/E-Commerce
    11. Become a Recognised Authority
    12. Public Relations and Publicity
    13. Special Events and Promotions
    14. Advertorials and News Stories
    15. Brochures and Corporate Literature
    16. Making profits on the "Back End"
    17. Newsletters
    18. Leaflet Drops or Inserts
    19. Exhibitions and Trade Shows
    20. Card Deck Offers

    Good luck to you,
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    Clearly the first step is knowing who your audience is? Where they hang out? What problem they need solved? ...and how to communicate to them in a manner they can relate?

    There are several ways to generate perspective buyers...

    -SEO (organic search) - keywords, keyphrases, on-page seo, and for more advanced sites... Look into 'SEO Silo Architecture'- in addition to paid listings, directories, and backlinking.

    - Social Media: groups, hangouts, business and fan pages, etc. Obviously, nearly every main social networking platform offers 'live stream broadcasting' (i.e. Periscope, FB Live, YouTube, etc...) which enables you to give full presentations, interact, save, and repurpose that live stream content to drive even more targeted traffic.

    Software: products like; Mobile Renegade (soon to be re-released as "Profit Renegade" are powerful scrapers that enable you to collect names, emails, phone numbers, and more... to build targeted campaigns, profile prospective buyers, build targeted email lists, and generate qualified leads.

    Writing: obviously the more information you publish on your blog, forums, social media, establish communications with your audience and format your writing to obtain the maximum SEO benefits... the more traffic/leads you'll generate.

    Autoresponders: give-a-ways and lead magnets are a great way to start building an email list, and if you follow up and communicate well with your prospective buyers (and especially your existing customer list) the greater the odds of reaching more people through word-of-mouth referrals.

    Affiliates, JV's, and partnerships: with the right placement of your offerings and splitting your earnings with those who have existing traffic... You can boost sales quickly provided you have a worthy offering and step in front of existing buyers. Naturally, adhere caution as many marketers have recruited bad affiliates and that can do more harm then good.

    However, if you observe what 'many' marketing leaders are doing; they conduct interviews, webinars, live stream events, and partner up with other experts to build authority, credibility, and explode sales using the 'celebrity' approach.

    ...and probably the fastest and most cost effective way is using paid ads, ppc, and split-testing various landing pages, sales copy, and converting cold traffic into warm leads through strong calls to action & powerful copywriting.

    I've recently shifted 99.9% of my focus towards local lead generation and selling leads to local businesses, and while I am not a traffic & conversion expert yet... Traffic & Conversion is the 2 core elements needed to drive sales. It certainly helps if you remain steadfast in offering quality products & services, deliver value, and maintain a sincere concern for your buyers experience when they are purchasing through you, your links, or your websites.

    There are tons of ways to generate traffic and leads, so I believe the most iimportant step above all is; believing in your product or service offerings...(or even the affiliate products and services) you choose to promote. It's a delicate balance of several components aligning, no doubt.

    Having all the pieces (knowledge) is just one aspect...deploying them all harmoniously... Now that my friend is a recipe I am still refining myself.
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    nothing changes here..

    giveaway something your tribe wants..

    make sure you speak their language on your squeeze page..

    Weight Loss Example:

    The Sad Truth About The Slow Carb Diet

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      Originally Posted by aizaku View Post

      Weight Loss Example:

      The Sad Truth About The Slow Carb Diet

      Get My Free Video Where I Reveal The 4 Proven Tweaks To Kick Start YOUR Fat Burning Process...

      Don't Be Chosen To Play Santa This Xmas - Sign Up Today!


      -Ike Paz

      To All The Fat People

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        Isn't there a Beattles song about them?

        All the fat people
        Where do they all come from?
        All the fat people
        Where do they all belong?

        OP, you're going about it the wrong way. Who is your ideal group of people? Where do they live? Market there.

        If they're on Mr. Honda's email list, buy solo ads from Mr. Honda.
        If they're on facebook a lot, advertise on facebook.
        If they spend a lot of time reading funeral home magazines, buy ads on funeral home magazines.
        Originally Posted by George Schwab View Post

        To All The Fat People
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    Traffic networks work good and their costs are zero ( many work on autopilot)
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