Can you Flip Wordpress Sites?

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How easy is it to flip wordpress sites and if you do is it straightforward to transfer them to a new owner?

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    Yes, you absolutely can flip WP sites...I've flipped two in the last two days. Of course, a lot depends on how your site is optimized, monetized, whether it's in a popular niche, etc.

    As far as transferring the sites, I couldn't tell you. I outsource that part.
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    If we are talking about self hosted wordpress... of course.. You'd have to be a little nutty to be selling, or buying for that matter a blog



    Bare Murkage.........

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    I have just bought one and normally the owner arranges the transfer. Flippa or here is a good place to sell them
    La doiminatrix
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  • depends on your hosting sometimes. for instance if you use Cpanel many people can do the transfer themselves and you just give them the login.

    otherwise just zip up all the files and export the database and send it to the buyer

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