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Just wondering if anybody has had any success with products from Udemy? I know there has been some Warriors in the past that have sold WSO's for creating products on Udemy. You kind of have to judge a Udemy course by its rating's, and there is no place to contact sellers.
Just looking for some input from some fellow Warriors.
Create a profitable day!
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    i dont have experience with udemy

    ..but that landscape is growing with sites like:



    so money is being made...

    -Ike Paz
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    I know of people making good money with Udemy and Skillshare. I have been aware of Udemy for a few years or since they started but never did much but now I am planning on going into this full steam.

    I have been getting the best courses on the subject and learning everything I can. I have a list going of course titles I am planning. So I do see people making money with teaching and I'm planning on being one of them as I have been into Internet Marketing for many years and have picked up all sorts of skills that can be taught on video.

    IMO the teaching and training by video business has been growing rapidly lately and as Ike mentioned above there are also more platforms popping up like teachable and others.

    Here is an article I found fast on google on other alternatives:

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    As I have some teaching experience, I looked into Udemy a couple of years ago. But, it seemed it was already saturated even then, and would be hard for a class to get exposure, so I passed on it. But, I'm sure there are people who have mastered it even if they were late to the party, and are doing very well there. I already have some good sources of income, and was just looking for an extra egg in my basket. It looked like it would be more work than I had time to put into it. If it's the only thing you're doing, or the primary thing you're doing, putting in that time may be well worth it.
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    I've had some good success with Udemy.

    Currently, I've published 40 courses on Udemy and have many more courses published on Teachable.

    Since Udemy is a marketplace / search engine for courses, the key to success on Udemy is having an in-demand title. Udemy does a lot of marketing for us, so we can focus on course creation and then Udemy does the rest.

    What, specifically, would you like to know?

    I make several $1000s a month (passive income) on Udemy and here's how YOU can, too...

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      How do your 40 courses tie into your new program "Hidden Revenue Exposed?"
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        I'm now taking those same courses and publishing them on Amazon. (using the strategy I teach in "Hidden Revenue Exposed")

        Until now, no one knew how to get their online courses (and any other types of digital products) on Amazon.

        So, I am putting almost all my courses there now.

        The good thing about online course / info-product creation is that, once you have your courses created, there are any number of platforms you can publish them on.

        And, now, it's even possible to put them on Amazon. Really excited to see people's results from Hidden Revenue Exposed!

        PS: I'm up to 46 courses on Udemy now.
        I make several $1000s a month (passive income) on Udemy and here's how YOU can, too...

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    I personally didn't, but I have clients of mines who scored big with Udemy ( was their bread and butter ), one thing you will want to make sure to do is create free courses as well as they tend to drive traffic and help you generate sales
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    It has big potential but you need to be aware and plan forward that you need lot of traffic. It's big marketplace and some people will find your course also without some advertisement but it will be not enough to get some decent money. It changes over time as you build customer base but first course is hard.
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    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the great input. I agree with all of you in one way or the other. I saw you (Dave Espino), a few years ago with a WSO on Udemy, and see some of your products on Udemy today. What a great seed you planted!
    As for the other sites, Teachable and SkillShare, I am still doing the due diligence. Like many Warriors here, we have all picked up some valuable nuggets over the years, and it's time to capitalize on that knowledge.
    Make it a profitable day!
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    Udemy keeps changing the rules on us. That makes it hard to play the game.

    First create a few free courses.

    Build up a major following and then create you first paid course.

    Learning curve is massive.

    Maybe you can use some of your massive you tube presence.

    Hope you already have an idea for a niche that is narrow.

    I will tell you that our U-demons are clamping down on FREE courses.

    Sadly, some internet marketers were using the platform to do promos.

    However, on the plus side, most of the paid courses are crap. Not just the free ones.

    A lot of the "destructors" have a face for radio as well as a poor voice. Terms like thin and reedy come up.

    Let me add that I am now more wary. People with real thick accents try to teach us. I can laugh or cry.
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      People with really thick accents can't teach "you"? I don't get it.

      There is no rule book that states non-English speakers can't be knowledgeable in a subject.
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    its hard to do well at... if you have the right equipment, time, time and skills, you could do really well. But on the other hand, if you have the potential to do well on udemy, then you might as well sell your own course or product because udemy takes close to 50% of your profits
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    You have to be careful when looking into any platform that offers Training courses especially in with products if IM training.

    There are some good products there but you will have to dig.

    Half of their products looks like they have been created by people who have not yet succeeded online.

    I have even seen many people on this forum tell brand spanking new people to go out and start making their 'own' products.

    This is what happens.

    I have a lot of experience online but won't start creating my own products until I have reached $30K per month.

    Now don't misunderstand what I just said.

    I am not yet at that stage or income bracket.

    And once I do cross over that mark...maybe I will create products (or not).
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    Udemy can be very misleading since free coupons count towards the shown sales numbers.

    Example, don't assume someone on Udemy selling a $50 product with 1,000 sales made $50,000. There's a good chance they haven't made any money at all (free coupon codes).
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