Google will be powered using wind-powered kites? AND they're going to Mars??

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I've been doing some research tonight and I was lead
down a path that lead me to find these two pieces of

1. Google Press Center: Press Release

2. How Kites Could Power the Future | LiveScience
(Note about 3/4 the way down the article. Google
invested $10 million into a kite technology that could
generate power.)

I'm finding it interesting that Google has their hands
in a VERY wide variety of industries besides their

You name it, they are somehow involved it seems...
all the way to the first manned journey to the planet
Mars. Seriously. Look:
Google Press Center: Press Release

I've written very briefly on my blog about what I
see as the coming "Google Global Domination"...
but that was before I found all of the above.

From scooping up large companies on the Internet,
to the Google search engine, to going to Mars, to
investing in kite technology, all the way to cloning
donkeys. (OK, I'm kidding about that last one!)

Who knows...

Maybe they'll soon be offering us not only the ability
to choose which counties we want to advertise in using
AdWords (as we can currently).... but they'll also be
offering us the ability to choose PLANETS!
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