Fake It Until You Make It? Just Say No. Here Are Better Ways To Win..

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Sup warriors!

I've been involved in the "internet marketing" niche for quite some time and if there's one thing I know it's a lot of smoke and mirrors..

It's a lot of people balling online and struggling offline..

It's a lot of people faking it, have been doing so for years and still aint made it lol

Truth be told, most internet marketers just copy what they see others do and think it's right..

They think portraying to be a big shot and looking one way online is the way to go, it's all they know!

So is this post about bashing those who actually do this? Absolutely not! I'm not the type of person that talks about a problem without actually providing a solution.

If you're reading this and either currently caught up in the 'fake it until you make it crowd' OR you think that there's no other way to win aside from showing a ficticious lifestyle on instagram so you're discouraged altogether to even get started, listen up.

Focus On Providing Value

One thing that will always beat out "internet stunting" is just being an individual that provides massive value and GIVES! You can never go wrong with this. Of course you want to "systematically" do it if you plan on making money. Give value and understand that it's ok to ask for the money in return.

As soon as you learn something new that works, be quick to share free tips with other individuals and watch your income soar!

Heck, if you're consistent enough, you'll be doing just as good as that guy who stunts on facebook in his rented lamborghini to get mlm signups 😉

Just provide value bro and you'll be ok.

Use Your Struggle To Your Advantage.

Here's another cool strategy in order to win in the 'internet marketing' niche without having to fake anything or use deceptive methods to make money.

Start up a blog and share your income day by day/month to month however you want to do it, letting your subscribers know EXACTLY how much you've made and what you're doing. This will help with integrity and of course this will help you to build up a following of people that KNOW you're a genuine individual.

Oftentimes people think that sharing small results is embarassing but it's NOT. People just love authenticity. Even if they see you're only making $200 per month.

Oh and that amount is probably more than 90% of what your audience would be making and they will love you for sharing! No need to be embarassed about anything..

Take advantage of the struggle, no need to fake it bro 🙂

Use Other People's Success

Finally, here's one more thing you can keep in mind when it comes to being able to effectively influence people and make sales in the Internet Marketing Niche.

Borrow other people's success!


Let's say that you knew a thing or two and had SOME success with a particular business model and you wanted to sell a mini course. Maybe you don't have as much earnings proof as you'd like or maybe you don't have that fancy Mercedes to impress that potential buyer, BUT somebody else that's in the same business model actually does!

Oh and what if that other person actually makes $10,000 per month online?


What if you simply connected with that guru, had him/her add something to the training to split the profits and used a lot of THEIR proof for the selling?

Now you have a great quality product, able to legitimately show earnings/lifestyle proof AND have the potential of having a big product launch.

Of course these are just a few ways to get around having to "fake it until you make it".

I'm somewhat guilty of falling into that trap a long time ago, but of course when you're trying to live right you'll always be convicted and correct your errors.

Please share this post and help me enlighten more individuals out there

Go out there and get em..The right way!
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