Traffic from Mexico, its cheap, but does it convert?

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So I've recently invested in traffic from Mexico, to fund a Facebook ad promoting Tai Lopez's 67 steps, a product usually for the US market. In anyone's experience, is traffic from Mexico any good? Its dirt cheap, and they speak mostly English over the boarder, (So I've been told). My question is, does it convert? If so what volumes might I need per conversion and how well does it fair based on past experience? I know you guys are far more experienced and knowledgeable than me, so I'm leaving it to you guys

Thanks for your time!
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    it does for the baby shower niche... it also helps that they are crazy about baby showers and that i speak Spanish.

    test and find out

    Ike Paz

    PS. i use ppv traffic
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    The only way to know for sure is to test. It's more on where the traffic comes from (traffic source) than country in most cases (IMO)
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    I think it depends on the niche somewhat. I also agree. Give it a try and test.
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    In my experience, no, it will not convert well for this type of offer. However, if it's cheap enough, you can always be conservative and spend $100 and find out for yourself. I'd squeeze the names though in case it does not convert you can try to sell them something else, or survey them and find out if it's worthwhile to try and spend any more money.
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    i think when it comes to advertising you should consider the economy and language of the country. people in mexico speak spanish and have low budget so most they can't afford the price of the product.
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    Originally Posted by astronomy0 View Post

    So I've recently invested in traffic from Mexico, to fund a Facebook ad promoting Tai Lopez's 67 steps, a product usually for the US market.

    The key is knowledge in spanish.

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    A well optimized landing page you should convert anywhere. Part of it is does your offer line up with the demographics of your traffic source...
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    If people in Mexico are willing & able to pay The67Steps product price which is $67 per month and go in there to listen to all the 4 hours videos...

    There are definitely different classes in Mexico, but...

    ...make sure you target the right location in Mexico area that are able and willing to improve their lifestyle by listening to those 4 hours videos.

    Hope it help,
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      This was actually a very helpful piece of advice =), Thank you ever so much for this! I never actually considered that it could be the region of Mexico that was causing the issues! Thanks ever so much bro! Thanks for your time!
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    With 400 million spanish speakers I would be looking into the spanish market in general, not only at the mexican market. Some famous marketers are now translating their content to spanish and portuguese (for the brazilian market) because this are huge markets that are underdeveloped and there is not much competition. Also advertising costs are a fraction of the cost.
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    Hey astronomy
    My hobby is astronomy .
    It depneds what nicht do you promote.
    I tried with the Money making niche, but it doesn´t realy converted.
    As Aizaku already said. Test and find out .
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    How targeted is your traffic to your offer? Are the prospects hungry and passionate about what you're promoting?

    That should be your main concern more so than the country it comes from, what you have to pay for a click, or any other factor.

    Test and track is solid advice. No one here can tell you how your traffic will convert - they don't have your offer, your timing, your resources, or your skills. Nothing is the same from business to business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      I'd say its fairly targeted, though it was not area specific, (I've made it area specific now after reading the comments). And I'd say I'm pretty passionate about the methodologies I'm using, its a product I quite like my self. Thanks for the advice Steve ^-^ you're right its all too true! Every business is different! Thanks for your time!
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    I can't answer the question. But, I do know a guy that is bilingual that works within the financial market (debt management, make money, save money, etc) and makes a killing on his products in Spanish. English is actually his 2nd language and he blogs and podcasts in both Spanish and English but has a huge following of Spanish people. I've always thought there's probably a huge market for converting available products into Spanish.
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    For me the best way is sweepstakes and dating
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  • Profile picture of the author Edelhaid
    for me the best way is sweepstakes and dating
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    I once red somewhere that if your traffic from US/Canada/UK converts let's say at a 2% you can expect 1 third of that so 0.6 something % to convert for the spanish market.

    This is a very broad generalization so don't take it into account too much but yes it does convert. Spanish speakers buy stuff too and with 400 millions spanish speakers you will always find a profitable niche.
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    really depends by your offer, test it and track everything
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    Of course ads are cheaper to Mexico - due to pure economics. Average income in the US is about $54,000 annually - in Mexico average income is about $11,000.

    Doesn't mean people won't buy from ads - but fewer people have the ability to buy. If you are selling products people need/want or that are important in their can sell anywhere.

    It doesn't matter how great your landing page or your sales page or the product is if you targeted audience has NO income to buy it with. Ads are cheaper because conversion rates are lower.

    I can see baby shower or wedding or other special event products selling....low or moderately priced items for special occasions can sell anywhere. Try it - test it - see what happens.
    Just wait a second – so what you're telling me is that my chance of surviving all this is directly linked to the common sense of others? You’re kidding, right?
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    You have to run some test ads and finf it out. Your niche matters too so so some research before spening too much. Thanks :-)
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