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Hello guys,

Me and a friend are looking to start a home cleaning business in Canada in a city of more than 1 million people and we're trying to decide on a domain name.

Here are a few domain names we have already purchased. Please advise which you feel would be best. (we plan on using eco-friendly cleaning products)

I spent hours researching positive reviews and most people post 5 star reviews because of how spotless and sparkling their home was after the service. So I really liked because it captures their want. However, my friend says it sounds like a champagne bottle. Another one I liked was to make it like a membership so they can sign up for recurring services. Please advise which domain you guys feel would be best fit for this purpose.
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    If you could have any domain you wanted what would it be? The reason I ask is because if the .com is taken you might be able to get the .ca (Canada) for it. But, I don't know how popular the .ca is in Canada.

    If you are only going to operate in your city you might be able to get a really good name with your city name. Something like, or, Something easy that local people will remember.

    If you are going to make it your USP I would go with the out of the ones you have. Some of the others are easily misspelled. KingMaids is really good if that is the name of your company.
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  • Profile picture of the author Graham Maddison jumps out at me based on your liking of "Spotless" your tagline could then elaborate more.
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      Originally Posted by Graham Maddison View Post jumps out at me based on your liking of "Spotless" your tagline could then elaborate more.
      i'd go with your choice

      sparkles at me

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    If you're only targeting people in Canada, you should go with .ca extension.
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    They were still available by the time I wrote this.

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    And I would choose from your list.


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      sounds like sexy girls in bikini is about to run around your house making a mess ..

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    I would definitely go with greencleaningcrew or something that emphasizes green.

    As someone who refuses to have any toxic chemicals in our household, this is a must. And many other people feel the same way. If you can relay this in your name, you'll attract more of the type of customers you are seeking.

    Also, you can typically charge a bit more for these green services as the clientele is typically a bit more savvy and they're willing to pay a few extra bucks to know their environment is safe from toxic cleaners.
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    Greenclean/ Ecocleaners?

    Shorter the better! Should empathise the eco friendly products in the name if that's your main point of difference.

    Initially liked king maids but sounds like some kind of 18+ venue.
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    Hey Jason,
    I would always go for the best shortest possible domain name that describes your business. That way it is less likely for the customer to get it wrong when typing it into their browser and they understand exactly what your service is. I am thinking this as you will no doubt be using flyers to promoite the business.

    I always go for the .com version and as you are in Canada, I would also take the .ca. I also don't normally go for domains with a hyphen in them but in this case the one without is already taken. You mention green and spotless and I know you don't have this domain but I would probablygo for

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    Jason from Maui got a point. Eco.

    still Bali is more eco than Maui.
    haha. we knew that already.

    cheers mate!

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    I really like

    It puts out a positive and trendy message and it is catchy. It is something I would remember.

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    I think is really good, it contains the "eco", "clean" and also the "crew" word, however it's a little bit long and hard to remember.
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