Whats tools do you use for IM?

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Getting tools set up for affiliate marketing, but I can't help to think that there are better/ cheaper tools then say google analytics.

So what tools are you guys using for:

-Seo Analytic s/ Web tracking of any kind?

-Squeeze pages,
-Landing pages,
-Mailing list, auto responders

-Google Analytics
-Wordpress plugin- ez lead
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    Google Analytics is Urchin

    download it to YOUR server

    get rid of the spies

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    Google Analytics - Free tool for tracking..

    -Squeeze pages,
    -Landing pages,
    -Mailing list, auto responders
    I use mailerlite It's FREE up to 1000 subscribers and you can access all the features.. I mean ALL the features, and that includes autoresponders
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    It is a really helpful thread. I am also looking for the tools that i could use for the internet marketing of my websites. Does someone has a contact of any expert that I could consult in this regard?
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    Hey Guys, my single most used tool (use this multiple times each day) is snagit. It is a simple tool used for image manipulation and screen capture. Don't know what I would do without it!
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    Yea... For sure optimize press for all my websites. A good hosting company, a good autoresponder service, and a few people to outsource things to...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    I do things a bit differently. I use magazine marketing for all the traffic I need. I also use Facebook fanpages like a squeeze; and boost posts with opt in links. This provides me with:
    -daily automated sign ups
    -daily conversions
    -back end sales

    This has been one of the best sources of traffic and when you build an email list using this method you get the better / non bogus emails thereby more opens.

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    I buy all of my hosting from Host Gator. Aweber for my email service provider (ESP). I buy all of my domains from GoDaddy and use Optimize Press to build my squeeze pages.
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    Clickfunnels, thrive themes, thrive focus blog, optimize press 1, webinar jam, aweber, get response...

    And will be grabbing market hero very shortly.

    Oh yeah, forgot about improvely, CPV lab, and beyond hosting haha
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    Facebook ads..

    Google analytics..

    Google drive..

    You can see all the tools I use here..

    And I've been meaning to include Thrive Themes on there too..
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    Google Drive, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Skype, Zopim, Wordpress, FileZilla, just to name few
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    Well Scrapebox works for me along with some other tools from Incansoft....

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    Just share with you some tools that I'm using below:

    For advertising, I usually use FB Ads, GG Adwords, GDN
    For analytic, tracking, I usually GG Analytics, Alexa, SimilarWeb
    For SEO knowledge, I usually visit these blog SEOmoz, SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineJournal, digitalpoint, warriorforum, wjunction,...
    For content, I usually visit these web Screaming Frog, buzzsumo,...
    For email, I usually use mailchimp to send email
    For finding trend, I usually use Buzzfeed, Google Trend, BuzzSumo,...
    For social management, I usually use Hootsuite, buffer, and twitterfeed
    For keywords research, I usually use GG Keywords planner, Display planner and Spyfu
    For project management, I usually use Excel, Onenote and Trello

    Hope this helps.
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    Google analytics
    Optimize press
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    i found this complete buzzsumo guide for content marketing .. hope it will help

    i am new

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    - Wordpress
    - Google Analytics
    - Webmaster Tools
    - Google Drive
    - Dropbox
    - Mailchimp
    - AWeber
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Youtube
    - Google Plus
    - Pinterest
    - Instagram
    - Behance
    - Dribbble
    - DeviantArt
    - Medium
    - Follow.net
    - ViralContentBuzz
    - Followerwonk
    - SEMRush
    - MarketSamurai
    - Kissmetrics
    - Slack
    - Drift
    - Trello
    - Craiglist
    - Backpage
    - DigitalPoint
    - Designerstalk
    - CJ
    - ShareaSale
    - Clickbank
    - JVZoo
    - e-Junkie
    - Freelancer
    - Fiverr
    - 99designs
    - DesignCrowd
    - WarriorForum
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    Nowadays Wordpress has all the bells and whistles (via the plugins) that allows you to create landing page, autoresponder, click tracking, etc. Well, if you are just starting out and do not want to commit too much $ on essential tools like autoresponder, you may consider using Mail It or Mailer Lite.

    Well, for hosting, go for the shared hosting that cost about $3- $5 per month from reputable host such as Doteasy, don't settled for free hosting as that doesn't worth it. There are tons of other paid tools which may beneficial for your business, but unless you really need it, you can always purchase it later.
    Lightning Fast All-in-one Marketing Tools. Learn more and get yours FREE!
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    I use Aweber and a Wordpress website.
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