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Hi guys,

For many of you my questions will look very "newbie" but i will really appreciate your time and answer.

I want to buy a hosting/server where I will host many landing pages, each landig page should have its own domain, so it s about buying the server and hosting and then the domains but I dont know how to this process works. I m going to try instapage, and I want to know how could I have a different domain for each landing page I am goign to create.

Could you please explain to me how it works.

Thanks in advance
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    You can try instapage and leadpages, I am not sure that you can host unlimited domain with them.

    Also there is thrive content builder, it includes landing page, it's wordpress plugin, you need hosting for that, you can host unlimited domain, I believe it costs cheaper.
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    you only need 1 domain with c-panel hosting account

    then use "addon domains"function within c-panel

    you can host ALL your domains with only 1 hosting account

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    For example you choose Hostgator to host your landing pages, you can just buy a baby plan account and it allows you "unlimited domains" on it. Meaning, you only manage 1 hosting account and you can connect unlimited domains on it. You can then buy the domains you need from NameCheap.
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    You got loads of options.. just to add something different than what's already been mentioned.. it might be worth looking at a reseller package that provides WHM.
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    If you're talking about HTML landing pages, best way to host them is with a CDN,
    hosting landing pages on a CDN for better speed and low cost

    Shared hosting like HostGator will be slow and Managed VPS will be expensive. There's unmanaged VPS option, but it takes some skills to setup. It's the best way if you're using WordPress or PHP for landing pages. Here's a tutorial if you're up for it,
    Install WordPress on an unmanaged VPS

    But for HTML landing pages, a CDN beats everything else.
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    I think Namecheap domains and hostings are good for good loading speed and processing. Also you can get started with a good landing pages company which will be good for doing it drag and drop.
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