How to Drive Traffic and Earn From Affiliates

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Hi Warriors,
I'm always interested in learning and being that I'm relatively new to the blogging game, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to direct me to the best free course for driving traffic, building your brand and making the most of the affiliates.

Are there any newsletters or free courses to review?
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    I have some advice for you in driving traffic and earning from affiliate. First, you need to build your site with the high traffic flow by identify the niche you will, then research key word and create unique and quality content as well as build backlinks as much as possible to get traffic to your site. After your site gain a high rank, you can initialize to implement affiliate.
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        Originally Posted by suertztsl View Post

        Thank you, what the best way to build backlinks?
        Link building can't be learnt in one sitting.
        It involves a lot of process that can't be discussed here.

        I suggest you become a regular visitor on the SEO section of this forum. There you can get access to tons of info and experts.

        There are also ebooks out there that you can purchase to help you get started on a wet ground.
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    Best traffic source for affiliate marketing is search traffic. If you can find a good blog and forum with followers then you can sign up with them or offer to make a post for the blog.

    You will then need to have a follow up system in place for the traffic to convert well.

    Perhaps I can invite you to a little neat program.
    It's free to join and you earn $20 upon registration.
    The unfortunate thing is, I may not have much time to show you round but it's pretty explanatory.
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    If you are up to building a blog and selling via your blog than you will need to do SEO. Research keywords that are medium to rank and have good amount of searches per month and create high quality backlinks. Unique and quality content is a King! High quality backlinks - Queen! :-)
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    There are three people I would recommend you learn from. The first is Darren Rowse from, the second is Yaro Starak from and the third is Jon Morrow from - The first two have fabulous podcasts that you can learn a lot from without having to spend a penny.

    And of course, I highly suggest you read their blogs as well.
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    If you are up to building a blog and selling via your blog than you will need to do SEO.
    Unless you want control of your traffic, in that case, you would run advertisements.

    I can get a brand new site to the #1 position on search engines in a matter of hours or in some cases, minutes.
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    building the list using paid traffic is the fastest way in my experience. Of course you can use SEO to optimize your site to get top ranking for keyword that you are optimizing for, but that would take time and if you are new to SEO game, you would need to hire SEO professional or do it yourself by trial and error.

    so my advice would be to allocate some budget for paid traffic to build the list.(learn more by googling on the topic of paid traffic like FB ads, Solo Ads/Funnel Clicks, Bing PPC - Focus 1 traffic sources at a time, DONT get overwhelm). By constant communication with your list, you are building your brand and credibility, and guess what when your subscribers perceived you as an authority, they will trust you and that will lead to sales from the affiliate offers that you are promoting.
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    bring in traffic into a squeeze page...

    the long way, the free seo way.. but you gotta be consistent with your seo prepped content creation (posts and videos).

    the short way, paid traffic: ppv & bing.

    -Ike Paz
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  • Suertztsl,

    To generate targeted Web traffic, what I do first is identify potential traffic sources that are heavily trafficked by my target buyers. To do this, I initially do extensive research using Google Trends, UberSuggest, the Bing Keyword Tool, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google, Bing, Magazines.Com and BoardReader among other tools for relevant social network data analytics ...

    This is to develop a list of the top competing sites in my niche. I also create a list of heavily trafficked prospect partner sites offering non-competing, laterally niche-relevant content, which can be supplemental or complementary to my own content. Then:

    To find out which methods work best for these competing sites and prospect partner sites, I use tools like SimilarWeb.Com and SpyFu.Com -- These methods can include direct traffic, organic and paid referral traffic, organic and paid search traffic, paid display traffic, organic and paid social traffic. Next:

    I also use these tools to find out where my competitors and prospect partner sites are getting their referral and social traffic from, especially those that are generating significant traffic through referrals and social networks; and

    These tools also allow me to know the organic and paid keywords / keyphrases that are being targeted and used by my competitors and prospect partner sites, especially those that are getting significant organic and paid search and display traffic. Then:

    I try to find out if I can use those traffic sources through my existing resources. For direct traffic, I study the ways implemented by my competitors and prospect partner sites to get direct traffic, i.e. Freemium and premium memberships, freemium and premium apps, email list signups, etc. ...

    For referral traffic, I try to find out if I can post content or advertise in the top sites that are generating referral traffic to my competitors and prospect partner sites, and also directly in my prospect partner sites ...

    For social traffic, I try to look for and verify if I can post content and implement ad campaigns in significantly-sized active user groups at social networks that generate significant traffic for my competitors and prospect partner sites. I also try to look for the social pages of my prospect partner sites to verify if I can post content or place ads there ...

    For paid search and display traffic, I verify if my existing fiscal resources can allow me to turn a profit within a reasonable time frame when effectively competing in the top keyword-targeted advertising spots across the search and display networks used by my competitors and prospect partner sites. I also verify if I can cost-effectively outrank them within a reasonable time frame in organic search results for the keywords that are generating significant traffic for them ...

    As for affiliate signup generation, I recommend my clients to use the same ways above for finding traffic sources that can help them drive prospects to their affiliate signup pages; and

    To potentially help affiliates with their traffic and conversions, I advise my clients to give them a portal where they can quickly and easily get banner and text ads and email swipes for their onsite and email promotions, as well as a list of resources where they can get content for their onsite, email and offsite promotions, and also resources where they can post ads, implement marketplace ad campaigns and engage in active discussions with target users in heavily trafficked online social communities ...

    Yeah, my methods for traffic generation, getting more affiliates and motivating them to continue with their affiliate marketing campaigns require a lot of work!

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    I drive traffic to affiliate / cpa offers using purchased data (email).

    It's important to first understand that most of the offers I run are PPL (pay per lead) offers. This is because there is credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher than offers that require a purchase.

    The reason why it's important to understand about PPL is because the traffic is driven off of cold email and it is far more difficult to use cold email to make a sale VS generating a lead. I don't have to generate any trust / relationship with the users, since I'm not trying to sell them anything.

    The reason why I buy data is because I'm building assets that I then own and can market to over and over at low cost. Compared to what most marketers do, which is to pay for traffic, which often just turns into a bunch of clicks and doesn't generate any revenue.

    I buy fresh / targeted data that I know what the users are interested in and that a PPL offer exists that matches their interest.

    I generate real-time co-reg that targets specific PPL offers.

    I buy data that is agedd / domain targeted, which is a bit complex and requires additional tools / resources to do profitably.

    Last, but not leat. I get f(fresh / targeted) rev-share data. Which is data that has $0 upfront cost and then I split the revenue generated from it, with the list owners.

    All the data is completely can-spam compliant, as the user have provided permission to receive message from 3rd parties and in the case of co-reg they are actually requesting more info directly from me. So none of this spamming, which many are probably thinking, when they hear buying data.

    Basically, I'm monetizing data using PPL offers, because they offer the path of least resistance to generate conversions and convert the data into cash producing assets.

    There's obviously more that goes into it, but it's something to think about if your not set on promoting offers that require a sale.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    Here are 4 techniques that are highly effective in driving traffic.

    1)SEO: Keyword Optimisation and Growing popularity and links from Trustworthy sites definitely give boost to your SEO efforts.This is further accompanied by Usability, User experience and Content enhancement and Engagement Metrics.

    2)Content marketing: Once you find out who your target audience is and what issues do they face. Write a blog on your site explaining how these issues can be resolved. Contribute on other discussion forums as well.

    3)Lead Generation: Connect to your clients and B2B leads using this social forum. Pitch them on how you plan to team up with them and followup if required.

    4)Email Marketing: You may also use the facility of personalized messages by connecting with your B2B leads and B2C customers using email marketing.

    Happy to help!

    Shivankit Arora
    MArketing Masala
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    I don't know any courses for that but there are lots of free video tutorials and series about that topic on YouTube (I make some too). Hope you find something there!
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    sell a product in JVzoo , a lot affiliates will want to promote for you depend how much you give.

    BUT beware some affiliates are kinda scam.
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    For Driving traffic you can have two choice:

    Pay traffic methods: Fb Ads, ppc etc


    If you're new it's better relying on sort of paying traffic: just use Fb ads, it's cheap and you can adjust it while it's goin on, set maximum for click etc.

    But the most important thing is to build an Email list: there is where you have to put all your traffic. To your opt in page.
    And one of the main used method to direct traffic to an Opt-In Page is using Solo Ads: just go to Udimi and see.
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    Originally Posted by suertztsl View Post

    Hi Warriors,
    I'm always interested in learning and being that I'm relatively new to the blogging game, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to direct me to the best free course for driving traffic, building your brand and making the most of the affiliates.

    Are there any newsletters or free courses to review?
    I recommend checking out Chris Lee of He has a SEO course (the best adsense course for my opinion). Though, he uses adsense to monetize his sites, you can definitely monetize your sites with affiliate products if you want. I urge you to check it out
    >FREE COURSE: Make Your First $500 in 5 Days Using 100% FREE Methods<
    I'm one of the many who have made money with this :)
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    If you are a newbie and have no clue at all just follow these 4 simple steps:
    1. Choose a niche.
    2. Build a website.
    3. Promote your website.
    4. Earn money with your website.

    Don't be confused. The concept is really that simple. But to be successful you must learn a lot about each step.

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    For instant result you can try PPC
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