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I'm buying traffic in the dating niche and was wondering how I can get pictures of women to use on my ads without just stealing pictures from people?

is their anyway you can buy rights to amature/online dating pictures of women (not porn) to use on dating ads

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    i would just use google images than narrow down your search. Also, on bhw there are some threads of people giving huge lists of pics about 80 by 80 just perfect for what your doing there maybe even members here who have a thread with some avatars ready for you. just do a search and find them if not you can use Google images and use the exact dimensions tool but make sure you look for about the size of 80 by 80 this usually is the size for these types of pictures or whatever your software allows. If your using software.

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    Using google images, or any other source, that you don't have permission to use is practically begging for a lawsuit to come close your doors before you even get started. I do understand that there is a way to sort google images by permissions such as the ability to use the photo. However, I would guess that many of those images are already being used elsewhere. So, the way I see it you have 2 options.

    Pay models for their photos and permission to use them. Or, pay photographers/stock photo companies for permission to use their photos.

    Using unlicensed photos, especially for profit, is a recipe for disaster.
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    Besides having permission or a license to use images if you don't own the copyright, you need to be aware about truth in advertising. For example, don't suggest that random men and women you have pictures for are members of your site or service if they're not. Be honest in your marketing and you should be fine.


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    get the images you need here:

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    Yeah just use google images and select the advance search feature an scroll down to the bottom and select images that you can use commercially and or even chance or edit!
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    Do you mean like this:

    Thank you, Pixabay!
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    I love pix bay, but not sure we can use em. Perhaps contact the pix bay person.

    What are you selling?

    I do not know if you will get permission.

    However, remember people like -
    • expensive cars
    • luxury cruises
    • day spas

    Do not say casino.
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    Be creative about getting photos. There are free photo sites. You can ask your friends to pose for you. Pay people to pose for you. Make sure you ask them for permission to post them online.
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    I see people using Google images all the time : ) Maybe it's not best practice but it's easy and cheap and free. And I bet you 90% of users here do it. anytime you use someone's picture they get a backlink some people like this as it's good SEO organic. Best thing to do is post your own images of course it is. Or make sure you have license for it. I would make a separate post here for someone to share their database of images to you. I myself have seen tons of users on my servers using huge databases of images but I can't give them out obviously without permission I'm sure you'll find something.

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    I buy my images from deposit photo's for the quality you need for an ad you can get them for about $1.00 each


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    There are plenty of Stock Photos websites you can use: Dreamstime, iStock, Shutterstock. You'll find plenty of nice, quality pictures there, dating niche included.
    It really depends on the scale of your campaign and how much you are willing to invest in it.

    Good luck
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    You might ask people on your dating site if they can be used for this purpose. It might sell well to have the actual people they might be talking to, because noone goes on a dating site expecting to ACTUALLY talk to a model
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    Is CC0 Public Domain license not enough for free commercial use in ads?
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    Buddy, there are lots of sources for good and royalty-free images! You can try Pixabay or Pexels.

    There's one Warrior (Barbling) who also recommended this list of sources for royalty-free images, so maybe you can use it:
    11 Totally Awesome Websites To Source FREE Images

    Good luck!
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    Buy stock photos that can be used for commercial purposes. A lot of free photos cannot be used commercially so read the TOS carefully.

    Just because many people use photos illegally doesn't make it a good idea if you're trying to build a long-term reputable business.

    As others have said, finding your own models and taking the photos yourself is the best option. Get them to sign a release.


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