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Hi All,

I am real new to all this, but I thought I'd post a recent small success with article marketing. First, I bought a two-word domain with about 1k search traffic per month, and installed wordpress and a theme and some plugins. I want to use the site as a review site with lots of affiliate CPA and CPS landing pages, so I put two CPA landing pages up and decided to write some articles.

Well I wrote original articles to about six or so sites, but only tumblr and ezinearticles has actually published so far. Still, when you search for the two words in my two word domain, I'm now number three on the first page of google! Two days ago I was on page 8 or so. I guess the linking part of articles really works.

Unfortunately, my two words in my domain only get 1k/month google searches because they are the name of a government science project, which my website has nothing to do with. I just picked it because its a cool name, and I can write reviews for lots of different products. The CPA/CPS offers I'm putting on my blog have keywords that have nothing to do with my domain name, so I'm not sure if I should use keyword subdomains on my domain, or if I should just try to write articles with keywords for the CPA/S campaigns and hope that those targeted keywords show up on the first page?

I have noticed that the ezinearticle is now on google page 2 for some good keywords, but the SERPs don't have my main domain, just the link to ezinearticles. So that leaves me with an interesting question:

Can I expect to get actual (converting) traffic from the articles I submit? Or are they just good for some link juice?



P.S. One thing I _am_ good at is writing quality original articles. I can already do many original topics a day, and I'll soon be much faster, so it would be fantastic if I can parlay that talent into convertible traffic.
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    I have seen ezine articles leading to hell lot of conversions.I am not sure about other articles.But ezine is a real gem especially for the bum marketers.
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    It is said that a visitor on an average browse around and reads on an average 7 times before deciding.

    Hence it is a good idea to build a network of articles even in different good article directories, but interlinked, so that there's a chance of the visitor getting all the 7 informations on your articles itself, instead of going in search of it elsewhere.

    This is only for 'Broke Students' No purchase/optin required >> Free Fast Affiliate Marketing Success Guide

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    You get higher conversions with your articles than any other form of marketing due to the fact that you're building trust.

    I'd suggest writing original articles for both your blog and article directories (different content). Make sure the content on your blog is different from the one's you're posting to article directories.

    I've had a lot of success with articles ad I've only just started. I find that if you add real value and try to help the reader as much as possible, you'll build a nice little relationship and they'll probably opt in. Use your personality (if you have one which also works. Especially in a non IM niche.
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    Writing articles is the way to go! Creates lots of traffic I was taught today!

    Please read the sig file rules

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    This happens to most people, ezinearticle will be ahead of you until you build links and overtake them for your main word
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    Especially on a limited budget when you are 1st starting out. Article marketing is the way to go. But you must submit at least 1 or 2 articles a day EVERY day. Then you will definetely start to see converting traffic.
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      You will need a powerful call to action in your resource box to motivate your readers to click through

      Originally Posted by MissEvonne View Post

      Especially on a limited budget when you are 1st starting out. Article marketing is the way to go. But you must submit at least 1 or 2 articles a day EVERY day. Then you will definetely start to see converting traffic.
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        Good information..Ezine articles looks promising.I heard lot of people complaining about the wait time involved in the submit queue.How much time it would take for the article to be online once it is submitted??

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    Yes, article marketing works incredibly well, but it does take
    time and PERSISTENCE. I know - from experience - that if you
    submit articles daily (or even weekly), for a couple of months,
    you will continue to see traffic several other months (even
    years) even when you STOP! I still receive traffic from
    articles I submitted 3 years ago!
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    I have made a lot of money just with EZA alone. It takes time to find the right niche, etc.. BUT it does work.
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    I have a virtual assistant that I use for all my article marketing. Whether I want new articles, spun articles, or articles from an audio I recorded; she does it all and will edit them as well. she is so worth the money because I make way more than what I pay her.

    she is worth checking out -
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