What are the ways to earn money online ...... noob question

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I've been sifting through this forum for three days and have bungled up my head badly.
I want to know how many different methods there are to earn money online.
So far I've only been able to find the following:
IM or affiliate marketing.......you guys have been talking a lot about this.

The point is, I haven't selected a proper stream yet, so I want to consider all the options available. I'm gonna be trying out different stuff with my first failed domain....twitypedia.com(lol!!)
So any suggestions would be welcome..........
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    There are lots of different ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to get started. You could also create your own products to sell online, but if you don't know what you are doing, then you should learn how to be an affiliate marketer first. All that is is just selling other peoples products - whether it is an electronic information product, or a physical product. IM or internet marketing encompasses all of this.

    If you hang around here long enough and read, then you will figure out what you want to do.
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      In my personal opinion there are two ways to go if you want to earn money online, immediate/short term and long term/stable.

      In case you need immediate cash then start using your skills like by providing article writing services or any other skills you are good at, and while you are earning daily steady income by this method you can educate yourself on some of the techniques that people use here to earn money e.g affiliate marketing etc, and then formulate your long term plan as to how you would make money by using which methods etc. to at last get rid of your daily routine and live the life you want.

      Get your Brand mentions/Interviews in top magazines around the US & UK like Forbes, Harvard EDU, American Express, INC, Entrepreneur, LA weekly, and many more
      Email Me for more details and share your requirements.

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    I want tell you that its easy, but there are some good programs and businesses you can get into as well as affiliate marketing. Be careful though. Shy away from any business opportunity run by a single owner. Look for a bonafide company with some background. Read everything you can too as there is a lot to learn.

    Let me know if I can be of any specific help. Visit my blog and I am also giving away a FREE gift in my signature line with no strings attached.
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      Originally Posted by gmadden View Post

      Be careful though. Shy away from any business opportunity run by a single owner.
      Why? What reason do you have for this? Are you questioning the integrity of many Warriors who work on their own?


      Anyway, back to the OP.

      Asking how to make money online is like asking how long a piece of string is. There are infinite possibilities as you seem to have seen in your research.

      Basically, income comes down to either providing a service or a product (or selling someone else's product.)

      You need to work out what you want to do, what you think you would enjoy, and go from there.

      Having said that, you should train yourself up in the techniques of affiliate marketing as this can place you in good stead for your ongoing business success.
      Best Business Deals - The World's Most Customer Focused Telecommunications Company. Servicing Customers in Australia, Canada and the USA.
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      Originally Posted by gmadden View Post

      Be careful though. Shy away from any business opportunity run by a single owner. Look for a bonafide company with some background.
      Really :confused:

      Originally Posted by gmadden View Post

      Let me know if I can be of any specific help. Visit my blog and I am also giving away a FREE gift in my signature line with no strings attached.
      Just curious, are you a running a single owner business?
      ~Yeah I'm working on it~

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    The best places to learn are here, or if you want to learn some more i suggest free courses like the 30 day challenge which is a free course,

    affilate marketing is very easy and challenging to start however it can be for some people who are starting out i remember myself 15 months ago who struggled but it was not until i got into here at wf i had my eyes opened to it all, Like all of us in here its something that takes a small while to get used too but if you work hard at it you will become a sucess and having people from here to help will also be a bonus.

    just pick something you wont get bored or frustrating with, its best to dip your feet in the water but dont get soaked down with what everyone else is doing, just stay focused on one thing. the rest will fall into place

    if you dont have a budget and starting without all funds then affilate marketing via clickbank is profitable but takes time,

    if you ever need some writing like your link says i may take you up on that offer as i need a few blogs doing for my page

    anyway welcome to warrior forum

    No Link here or Nothing to Promote Just a Old Happy Warrior User reading Topics

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    Hi Sid, here's my 2 cents.
    For me the deciding factor is what kind of a lifestyle I want with an online business,

    ie do you like lots of interaction with people, the ability to upscale the business/income over time, don't mind long hours in return for rewards, like having a support organization around, then ebay is very good, its expandable, but time consuming.

    Or maybe you're after passive income, money that comes in while you're at the beach, don't mind working on your own, and don't need much support then affiliate marketing might be ideal.
    Or .. you get the idea. Take a browse around my site if U like, I've addressed this in articles.

    Decide what business type you are made best for, then start there...

    Also; Choose a couple of the programs that match you, ask for opinions here, but when you decide persue it to the end, and follow instructions. There are many methods that make money, and chopping and changing halfway is a formula for never achieving goals, also failing to follow instructions/taking shortcuts is another.

    Browse my site for a list of money plans reviews, you can see what each one does from these.

    One of the things most helpful to me is reading other members case studys they post here, you can get a good feel for what it takes and how it works.
    all the best
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      To get away from IM, there is always running a membership site with a monthly subscription offering a training program on any subject you know well. There are always people out there wanting to improve their knowledge/skills.

      There are some really good and well known scripts for membership sites you can purchase to run your membership site so you do not have to start designing from scratch. You have probably seen some of these scripts in action without realizing it.
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    I haven't decided anything regarding the niche but for the first website I'm using social network marketing as the niche.
    Thanks for the advice.........to all.....(clicking the thanks button) but I still haven't seen anyone mention something other than Affiliate marketing......one guy did mention freelance article writing though.
    So, since all you guys say that I should begin with it, I'm taking a decision!!!
    And I say...........lets get on with IM!!!
    Now, can someone tell me where I should start? I'm already on clickbank. Do I need to join any other network?

    p.s: If anyone else comes up with a better idea.....I'll be glad!! Because I'm not so sure whether I'll be able to make a single sale.

    Computer Science student/coder who wants to learn more/out-of-the-box thinker/copywriter available for work during the summer. PM me for anything. :)

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      You can check out Mike Filsaime's "Pay Dot Com" in addition to Clickbank.

      If you are going to run a blog or blogs,Pay Dot Com have their own widget (which you configure to suit the niche you're promoting) to place on blogs whereas there are a few different widgets available for Clickbank.

      Also, good individual programs will also make promotional banners, suggested emails,twitter messages etc available to their affiliates for you to use to market their products.
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    I had posted similar thread here some days back. I have got lot of advices. I would like to give you the best advice there
    1. Select a niche
    2. Get a product (From affilitate link)
    3. Create a website + write content + add that affilitate link
    4. Get more organic + referal traffic to your site
    5. That will give you more sales
    6. Fill your pockets + bank account
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    I can advise to study flippa com (former sitepoint) marketplace, where you can read descriptions of online businesses as well as financial data
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    My most recent blog post at my learning stuff site is actually an introduction to ways of making money online. It is an introduction as stated, so you won't get all the details you need to succeed. But at least you might get ideas of what to pursue at this stage. All the best.
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    Just to list some of the ways I know to make money online are:

    - Selling your own stuff (ebooks, physical products, memberships, video courses, etc)

    - Selling other people's stuff (CPA, Adsense, CPS, ClickBank, CJ, etc)

    - Selling ad spaces on your blog

    - Selling services (writing, web design, graphic design, backlinking, etc)

    - Selling domains, sites, traffic..

    There are tons of different ways to make money online but for each
    method (whatever it is), you need to spend time and energy to make
    money before you go onto the next method.

    Hope that helps..
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  • There are four basic ways to monetize a website.

    1) Affiliate/CPA
    2) Selling your own products
    3) Advertising
    4) Content subscriptions

    To work any them successfully, you need to be an Internet publisher, not just a marketer (hint hint).
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      You have many ways to earn money online, but 1st you should focus on the area on which you would like to start, and the review your Skills and information and improve them to in order to be updated.

      If you are interested to be affiliate marketer here`s the tips:-

      1-Build a site, if you don't already have one.
      2-Sign up with a few profitable affiliate programs that are related to your site.
      3-Link to the affiliate programs from your site using your personal tracking links.
      4-Generate traffic to your site
      5-Make your visitors want to buy the products of the affiliate programs.

      Wish that can help..
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