Creating an advice site - which name to go with?

by asc
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I have some articles that I have created and would like to try put them around groups and forums - web-related artices, how to get wordpress up and running, image creation, SEO, that sort of thing.

I have a 'get' style domain (that is not the real domain name, but you get the idea hopefully) and also a domain registered with simply my name.

Question is which one to try and build on, the 'faceless' one or my personal domain.

Personal domain would be easier for posting articles to facebook etc, but i am thinking the other might hold a better initial impression.

Anyone care to throw their two cents in as to pros and cons of going which way?

Also have some decent web-design basic plr which I am going to post to build up content, I have had lots of my friends ask how to put together a blog so i think that would also be useful for others - just not sure which site to build it on.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think both domain are good to build the self-help site that you mentioned.

    If you would like to brand your name as an expert, than use the domain name registered with your name would be a better choice in the long run. It helps you to build up the credibility more effectively in my opinion.

    Well, your other domain may just do the job well. You can still brand yourself if you like. The advantage I see this domain has is it may include some keyword in it. That helps in SEO and if the domain is closely related to your niche/content, people can easily relate to it and have clarity on what your site is about just by looking at the domain name.
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      Thanks for taking the time to comment and your input!

      I agree that both could work well, hence why asking thoughts here. I also agree with the SEO benefit of the domain but honestly if i were to be giving advice about wordpress config or basic onsite SEO then realistically i dont think i would rank for most terms around that niche i.e. get your own website, or get your own blog etc...i am a small fish in a biiiig pond in that respect. But more kicking around fb forums and sharing info would be better I think for me..and it is info that is often asked of me anyway so i know there is a need! so it really doesnt matter on which domain i choose other than which would look or sound best, and i am thinking that already my own name would be better so at least I could use my current social media accounts and not try to hide behind a faceless fb profile....if that makes sense...?

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    Is this a site/business you might want to sell someday? Selling your own name kind of makes a second act kind of tough, and you might have problems if your main traffic source is your personal social accounts.

    As for SEO, the value of a keyword domain in a competitive area is almost nil anymore.

    One question you don't have to answer here, but should think about before investing too much time and energy into this...

    Does the world really need yet another advice site filled with PLR content? As an admitted "small fish in a biiiig pond", how are you going to stand out from the rest of the minnows?
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    keep it short sweet and brand-able

    or dont, make it long and wordy..

    you shouldn't expel too much time and energy on this..

    best of luck on your new site.
    -Ike Paz
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    I agree that the "' makes a better impression. On that domain posting 'basic plr' or more general content would be acceptable.

    But if you are going to use your name and sell yourself as an expert, you can't get away with basic plr articles, you need more in-depth content which shares your perspective on the topic as an experienced marketer. For example, Jon Loomer Digital - For Advanced Facebook Marketers for facebook advertising
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