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Does anyone know the OTO script (or cart backend) that is used by Chandry and Russel Brunson (on micro continuity site). If you've seen it when you choose yes on one of the OTO's a little box appears and it bills immediately. I've done a lot of searching but can't seem to find it.

Anyone have any idea?


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    Do I have this in the wrong place or does no one have any idea what this (software) is?
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      Not sure you are going to find this information for free in terms of the actual script, maybe you'd be better off just posting a job on rentacoder or elance. As long as you can describe in detail what you want the script to accomplish, these services work well.
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    Russell Brunson uses his own custom cart. But, there are a couple of applications out there that will allow you to do this easily.

    The best and most used by the big guns in the industry is Infusionsoft. I'm actually getting ready to switch over to them myself.

    Next, I am currently using Ultra-Cart. It is a fantastic cart, it is unfortunately just not built for Internet marketers.

    Also, I believe that Nanacast can do it as well. Since I mentioned that name I am sure that Josh will be here to elaborate on that.

    You can also do it with OneShoppingcart with an add-on script, but it is not automatic. You need to manually enter the orders.

    There's also a new cart that does it that is called Cart-Freak, but I do not believe it is available to the public yet.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Talk soon,

    Shannon Herod
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      I heard that ultracart has a better one click upsell than Infustion soft ? It will add to the cart after the order is processed .

      Is that the case or not ?
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    All of that is custom made by there in house teams
    you can find cheap development teams in the Philippians
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    Russell Brunson uses his own cart which is not available to the public yet.

    Here is the website where it will be available when it is released:

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      Awesome guys, I have a friend that has the butterfly marketing script and I have to say it is a pretty good version of that. A bit more geared toward JV partners I think thought. I really appreciate the feedback, thanks much!

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