Do you have a Sign in/Join option for people to join your website?

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I have a technology site which is doing well with Amazon Associates and Adsense.

I promote electronics and target buyer intent keywords but I want to give people an option to join the website but I'm not sure what kind of service we could offer?

Because this is more affiliate based, is there any point of even doing this? If we could have a big list of members that would be good but what should we do to provide them value for signing up?

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    Could you provide a link to your site?
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    Yes, it would be in your BEST interest to build a list. That's what you mean by join the site right?

    You can offer them a list of the newest items each week before the rest - or maybe a higher end review of each item.

    There are a bunch of options.

    Thing is, when you control the traffic, you have the chance to offer more. What about the people who don't buy anything, but are interested enough to join your site. Then you can be top of mind and actually give value.

    they will trust you more and take your recommendations.
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    build that list!

    because that same audience is going to buy tech related stuff again in the future.

    if they subscribe then you can help them make the right choices and gain even more commissions..

    i'd use a negative lead mag. like the top ten worst tech products of 2016.. then again you should test to see what type of lead mag works best for you..

    -Ike Paz
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