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Hi guys,

I have a blog in the health niche. One of my articles is ranking very well for a certain keyword (health product), but it is a low ticket item.

People seem to need advice on what product to choose. I know this because I recommend two different versions of the product in my article and people click on these links like crazy! It does give me some commissions, but because of the low price of the product (around 9 dollars) I also get low commissions.

Does anyone know of some other ways to monetize this traffic? The article has around 6000 uniques a month.

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    Are you capturing leads? If so, how? What percentage of your traffic converts?

    Without knowing anything about the products, it's tough to give any worthwhile advice because there are too many ifs.

    The easiest way to monetize it is to capture leads and promote multiple offers to them in an email follow up. If you are capturing leads, are you promoting similar offers to those leads? Or is your traffic going straight from your site to someone else's site?

    If the products you recommend are info products, could you create a similar product yourself and make a better profit margin? The same could be possible for physical products, but it would cost more money to do it.
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    I'm going to guess and say that the low ticket item is some kind of supplement.

    If so, can you get a white-label version of the product and set up a subscription model similar to the acne drugs, etc.?
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