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by chini
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Hi guys,

I currently have 1000s of amazon affiliate links setup via pretty link, now reading more about amazon tos and comments here it seems its not safe and may be considered as cloaking. I can remove these pretty links and go back to raw amazon affiliate links but I have also read having raw links may have negative impact on SEO performance as google will see you promoting amazon heavily across your site. Are there any other options I can consider, or other amazon friendly plugins which I can use?

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    You might be interested in this thread:

    To summarize what I wrote there:

    Don't confuse correlation with causation. For example, if you see a lot of umbrellas, you'll probably notice that it's raining. But that doesn't mean that umbrellas are causing rain.

    Similarly, just because sites with raw Amazon links tend to rank lower than other sites, doesn't mean that the raw Amazon links are causing the bad rankings. More than likely, the reason they are ranking lower is because most Amazon affiliate sites suck.

    Why would Google care what kind of link you're using? And do you really think Google can't figure out where a cloaked link is ending up? Even my 13-year-old neighbor could write a program to do that. And regardless, what good is a good ranking if you can't monetize it because you were kicked out of your affiliate program?

    If you want good rankings, build a good website. If you want to continue to be an Amazon Affiliate, follow the ToS. It's really that simple.
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    Pretty nice response you got above.

    How and where you promote your website will determine your performance with Amazon affiliate.

    Most of these people have no idea how to rank a site in today's search engine, let alone profit from it.
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    your fine,

    dont worry about it..

    its all about how you're going to promote your content...

    and dont worry about the serps, just post regulaly and post value

    -Ike Paz
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    Use raw links and no it does not affect your SEO.


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