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What are the best ways to optimize your site for adsense?
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    The number that have been kicked off by Google for no apparent reason leaves me doubting that anything will be good.
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    Originally Posted by jimewing2121 View Post

    What are the best ways to optimize your site for adsense?
    The best way to approach Adsense is to understand its flip side: Google Adwords. Those are the ads that are appearing on your site when you sign up with Google Adsense. A couple of things to note:

    - The more competitive the market, the higher the cost per click. Which means the payout per click is higher as well. So the niche you choose, and the keyword phrases you use to optimize each page where Adsense is displayed affect your payout rate.

    - You are allowed to display up to 3 ad blocks per page. The highest paying ads (the "best ads") will be shown first. And this is determined by your code layout, not your page layout. So if you display 3 ads, but you test it and find the bottom ad (at the bottom of your page) gets the highest click through rate, you'll earn more per click if you remove the other two ad blocks. Sometimes less is more.
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      Stick to the rules; if in doubt rather play it safe;

      Do proper keyword research, write useful, original content about stuff people buy

      AdSense pays all my bills after 2 years, and it's sure to give you a growing income if you stick it out, but I won't recommend only doing Adsense - to be safe (in case of Google slap or losing your account for some or other reason) also build and optin list and do affiliate marketing, develop your own product etc
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    Yes, market is important. Not only from cost per click point of view but also the willingness to click of a certain market.

    Another way to maximize Adsense is testing: location and type of ads. Most of the time, above the fold (the first part of the webpage the visitors see) is the best position.

    Further on to list building, you can always let your list know when there's new post on your site. Don't reveal the whole post in the email but entice them to click to visit your site to read the full article, where you have Adsense. embedded.
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