How to Setup a Good Solo Ad Funnel?

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Hi folks,

I was thinking about going into Solo ads and other paid traffic methods, and wanted to ask you guys how I should setup my sales funnel to make some of the profits back. I know I’m going to initially have a squeeze page about making money online, and have a bonus training I created as a gift. Then where should I redirect the leads? Of course I will be promoting warrior+ and JVzoo offers to my leads over time, but I’m referring to the instant â€"sales” people make instantly when doing solos.

I was thinking about re-directing them to a hot warrior+ offer thats $7, but I also see a lot of people doing higher priced offers like $49-$99. What works best in you opinion guys, and is there any specific offer you guys think I should promote if I were to promote the $49-$99 range.

Thanks a lot guys,

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