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Hi ladies and gents,

This maybe in the wrong place. It may even have been asked a thousand times already (so my apologies if this is the case) but I could do with some help here.

I would like to find an online job (by that, I mean something that is home based where I can work x amount and get paid for it) that can suppliment my income. I would like to make at least $15 a day and get at least $200 per month ($300 would be better though). I have seen a lot of "paid to" sites but there always seems to be a catch and I'm tired of it.

My ultimate aim is to do go from that and eventually do something online (either one single venture or multiple ventures) that can make around $3500-5000 a month so I can quit my old job. I have health problems (which aren't improving) and with the current climate I am having to seriously think alternative ways of living such as doing something on the Internet. My job pays less than that but I need the extra income for medical expenses.

I'm not calling for a sympathy vote here. God knows, we all deserve to be healthy and happy and I'm not the only one who has problems, so I'm please don't take this the wrong way. I'm just wondering in the "sea" of sites and products and offers and gimmicks, is it possible to find something as a starting point and build it up from there? Can anyone in the know give me some good suggestions? At this point I don't care if I just make $10 a week, as long as I know its for real and not some scam or fluke.

I don't really want to buy anything (because I did in the past and felt short changed) and also because my funds are limited.
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      Thanks for replying. I had a look at the site but it seems to be for coders and I'm not a coder.
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    $15 a day is something you should create for yourself. Most sites where you could make $15 a day would end up making you work a lot more hours for that $15 than if you just create a $15 stream of income for yourself.

    To advise what to do to create the $15 a day stream of income we would need to know what you can do or like to do.

    I know you can do it though.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Okay, so you are saying that the sites offering jobs like that want too much in return. Thats a shame. I thought there might have been a few decent options there.

      When I think of doing something myself it just gives me a headache. If you think of an idea people are already doing it and have covered the market. Thats why I thought of just an online job to start with.

      As for skills I work as a manager for a store, I'm good with people but I don't think that translates well into an online business.
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        I would agree with what George said. You're better off making your own site which sells your own product or service for long term sustainability.

        Now with that said, I found a web gig on Craigslist which led me to create my own website based off what I was doing. What was the job? Research and data gathering for a restaurant review website. It was actually kind of fun gathered all the information for them, but I realized I could make more with my own website then they were paying me. I worked about 3-4 hours a day and got paid $12 per restaurant. I made about $1,500.

        All though be careful with Craigslist because I did get scammed out of my time by another webmaster who did not pay me for a similar research position.

        I'll also second what Tersea said, offer your services right here on the Warrior Forum doing the things others don't have time to do or would rather outsource.

        Hope that helps.
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    There's hundreds upon hundreds of legit jobs online with companies that hire home workers but you don't state where exactly you're located. Most online jobs that I know of hire those from mainly the US and Canada and a few for the UK as well.

    If you are not from the US/Canada/UK then I would suggest freelancing. Sites like or or even better: right here at the Warrior Forum. If you are able to write articles, offer copywriting service, or proofreading....put an ad in the for hire section.

    Good luck to you!
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    It's a fact that there are lots of online job providers working nowadays, but I recommend you to visit utubeonlinejob as this is a first registered company of the Pakistan. I found its setup, working environment quite elegant, friendly and smooth
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    Are you looking to do work as a freelancer or are you looking to be an employee of an actual company? I'd say freelancing is your best option. What are you good at? What skills do you possess? Do you know what you want to do or what field you're interested in?

    Sorry for all of the questions - Just trying to get a feel for what you're really looking to do overall.
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      If you check my signature there is a link to a free ebook that describes many at home businesses that require little to no start up costs.

      For traditional online jobs unless you are in IM or writing, most pay very little.

      For example, call center type positions pay $9 an hour and offer no or limited benefits.

      Even most online tutoring companies only pay $10 an hour and they require a degree.

      The best course of action is start a home based business instead of a traditional home based job.

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        A call center job is an option if you have previous experience. Here is an excerpt of qualifications from the At&t call center for one of the jobs they are offering.

        Required Qualifications:

        - 3 years experience in call center technical support and/or customer care leadership role

        - MS Office proficiency - specifically Word, Excel, Powerpoint

        - Must be detail-oriented and manage multiple tasks simultaneously

        - Exceptional interpersonal and problem-solving skills

        - Excellent oral and written communications skills

        - Successful experience working across multiple organizations and functions

        - Experience working with all levels of management up to Senior Level

        Desired Qualifications:

        - Project management skills

        - 2 years Vendor Management experience

        - Process improvement experience

        If all call centers require so much experience, most would not qualify. But maybe a nice way for a former customer service/call center rep to work from home.
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    I would think that freelancing jobs are one of the best to search for (in your particular field)
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    Re: How do I find legit online jobs

    Looking for legit online jobs is not a difficult task. The best way to it is to determine what's your passion as a being. Search online for sites that offer jobs inline with your passion, not minding the payout initially, but with dedication and experience, you will be able to earn decent income. Best of luck !

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    Lots of great suggestions. I really like and the others places Teresa recommended.

    If you feel like you don't have a lot of skills like coding, writing, IT or IM you might want to go to and see if you have any of the skills people are selling.

    Initially you have to work up to 10 customers before you can upsell for $10 or $15 a gig, but if you can offer something that people want that you can automate, you could realistically make $15 or more per day doing something you enjoy.

    The good thing about Fiverr is that they collect and distribute the money so there is less chance of you getting taken advantage of. Of course you have to do the work and get good reviews.

    Hope that helps.
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    writing articles and generating good quality content is one of the ways as these days there are many webmasters need to generate more contents to their websites.
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    Already mentioned here, but freelance jobs does exists on places such as odesk. However, they do not pay much and on top of it the competition to get them can be rough.

    Why not blogging about your health condition (and help others in similar situation) and your life? And make money this way.
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    I saw it discovered that several for agencies that wants that will trick everyone these days via the internet basically wanting carryout a return off of your hard earned dollars. That i experienced related to the entire on line positions that may well control for that daytime anytime, earlier than That i shut down my best personal pc out That i experienced the post meant for Reputable On line Position.
    It all came across as appealing they will have decided on an extremely surprising identity for the online company. I saw it to observe it all meant for average joe. The way in which reputable was initially this company nevertheless?

    I do know with working experience the fact that several for positions the fact that say to generally be the very first thing after which you can as you sign on you feel that you choose to constructed a misstep. Beneficial financial bargain regarding this provider is certainly the fact that you will not always keep shelling out someone meant for anything different. The position will let you come up with most of the revenue.

    For anybody who is anticipating a weight holiday vacation together with won't be able to afford to pay for an individual after this you have to tremendously think of signing up with this company as a way to afford to pay for your whole payments and now have numerous more money left over to enjoy. As you sign on utilizing this type of provider, you will never choose to job another day position for a second time.
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    Originally Posted by zahadoom View Post


    I would like to find an online job (by that, I mean something that is home based where I can work x amount and get paid for it) that can suppliment my income. I would like to make at least $15 a day and get at least $200 per month ($300 would be better though). I have seen a lot of "paid to" sites but there always seems to be a catch and I'm tired of it.

    If you want to get paid by someone else for the work you do for them, while in the comfort of your own home, I suggest you consider starting out as a freelancer.

    Go to freelance platforms such as Elance, Guru and Freelancer - and look through their categories of work. Find a category you feel you have something to offer in, and start looking at the jobs/projects posted. Do you feel you could fulfill any of those? Then get started

    You can also have a look at sites like Fiverr. Don't be discouraged by the low price ($5 per gig). I read a little while back that the average income per gig there is $13, and can be achieved if you add some extras to your gigs (look at what the some of the most popular sellers are doing, and model on their gig extras).

    Good luck
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    Hi zahadoom!

    Try posting your affiliation in and But just be careful with the spammers. However, there is a way to spot this kind of people. Once they offer a test for you and promising that they will pay you weekly, then, they are a legit company.

    Wish the best luck for you.

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    Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Guru, etc you can find and bid the projects.
    Fiverr, SEOClerk, ect you can create own your jobs with your skills.
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    Finding a legit online job isn't an easy task, especially when you are crowded with zillions of scam and crap sites. Better doing something your own means starting your own online business or products or you can do affiliate marketing.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    I believe the OP have found it, or if not I am sure, he or she has left the building, so to speak, since the thread is from back in 2009.
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    There are many online jobs at the internet as the MLM, Google adsense, etc, try to see also the B2B marketing
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    Use the skills you have, whatever they are and add to them to be competitive in an online environment like Warrior Forum, such writing, building sites, social marketing, SEO, etc. Then hire yourself out as a VA (virtual assistant).

    If you get caught up looking for biz op type of offers online, you're likely to get scammed and lose money rather than make it. If you want a legitimate telecommuting opportunity, those are offered through legitimate businesses, so where ever they advertise their positions would be where you would find them.

    Go only for paid positions ... no commission only jobs. You'll end up working for nothing, and again, stay away from anything that is a "biz op."

    If you want to make the kind of money that would allow you to quit your job and pay for your expenses and medical care, you'll need to start your own business rather than looking for hourly pay jobs working for someone else. That could be something like creating a website, that makes good money (either in ads or promoting a product or affiliate income) or creating a product and selling it.
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      I believe the OP have found it, or if not I am sure, he or she has left the building, so to speak, since the thread is from back in 2009.
      Oh yes - and just the type of thread spammers like to bump!
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

      I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.
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        Instead of looking for online jobs, why don't you create one?

        In the warrior forum's "warriors for hire" section you can see what type of services others are offering. Then, see if you have a certain skill and create a thread.

        I you do not have a certain skill set, then I would suggest to take some time to learn a skill set and create a thread offering your service.

        You can then add a PayPal payment button and bump the thread once in a while.

        You can make a nice income offering your own services and get repeat customers.
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    There are many ways to make money online to get income. I think making your own site which about understanding your fields or something is your passion. You can start with blogspot site because it easy to use without you are not a coder. All you need is know some techniques about blogspot, reviewing your product, product marketing for amazon,...

    Hope that helps.
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    Man I feel for you.

    When I read that you're satisfied with starting with like 15$ a day and are willing to put in serious work, I suggest you listen to the great advice others gave you and look into freelancing. Offer a skill online and get paid. No listbuilding, no relationship building no building at all, just fair money for fair work. Offer writing articles, doing logos, proof reading, create videos for others, etc.

    After you made your first bucks freelancing, look into building your first website and invest your money in hoster, wordpress plugins and maybe tracking and analyzing-software. Once you've created a blog in a niche with some decent traffic, go to building a list and selling to your audience.

    Long road ahead of you, keep it up and dont give up.
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    There is no easy way to make money online for sure. Maybe there are some ways but the only way to get it is to getting relations with people and someday you'll find a person who can share some information about making money online but before you meet this person, try to find a job "outside", try to communicate with other people and you'd probably get succeed.
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    There are tons of ways to make money online without having to pay for the privilege. You can go to,, and offer your services there. Writers are always in demand. Start by offering your services on the lower end of the scale maybe $8 per article and build up a reputation. Then you can increase the amount that you earn.

    I do not know your skill set but if you are good at graphic design or editing you can also offer these type of services.

    If you want residual income and know how to market, you can create ebooks and courses and place them online at jvzoo or click bank or if you do not want to market you can create books each month and place them on amazon.

    As I said, there are tons of ways to earn a living online. Start slow, give value and build your reputation. After that you can set the amount you earn to whatever you wish and can even get paid to hire other people to do the work while adding in a percentage of profit for yourself for finding the deals.

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