Can eCommerce Website Act as Niche Website?

by enjamulahsan Banned
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I have 2 ecommerce stores that I'd like to adapt further by including an online journal that I'll treat much like a specialty site. I will utilize offshoot showcasing and adsense to adapt my blog entries, and also give higher perceivability to my related ecommerce store. It is safe to say that this is a smart thought?

In particular - I have one site that offers precious stone adornments, and another site that offers Balinese imported homewares, furniture and so on. I have been needing to get into specialty advertising and am a significant power on the corner points of voyaging Bali, and making gems/mystical gems/profound themes and so forth. Is it better for me to utilize my current locales to assemble the specialty blog, or would it be advisable for me to make separate destinations?
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