Google Changes Terms for Intrusive PopUps

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wanted to post an article about this but WF insisted they didnt like the link so they delted it.

So look it up yourself. Might save your next WSO.
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    I'm pleased they've made this change.. but I think the change is just for pages that use intrusive pop ups on mobile devices?

    Either way, hopefully it'll clean things up a bit.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Meaney View Post

      I'm pleased they've made this change.. but I think the change is just for pages that use intrusive pop ups on mobile devices?
      Yes i confirm this. On mobiles.
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    I hate popups and never ever do anything other than click out of them.
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    interstitial ads and other pop ups have to change the way they are displayed on mobile now..

    here is what Google mobile sees as intrusive:

    -Ike Paz
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    Pop-ups on mobile are incredibly irritating. I'm glad Google has made this change.
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    The bottom line is exit-pops (and other pop-ups) work. I've been using them for years and got tons of leads that I normally would not have gotten otherwise and made lots of money with them.

    Some people don't like them, but I get tons of leads and sales from them so I could care less what Google or anyone else thinks about them. The bottom line is that I need to monetize all of my traffic to the so I can stuff my pockets with the most money possible.

    I'll continue using them and I really don't care if Google likes it or not.

    The new Chrome update may have made the common exit pops obsolete but I picked up a new WP plugin that just came out that Chrome can't block and they are working even better than the other ones.

    Google doesn't own the Internet and just because they come out with some rule doesn't mean it's better or it's right.

    I learned a long time ago not to base one dollar of my business on Google or any of it's stupid Penguin or Panda algorithm changes or rules, and I've been so much better off because I did that.

    I hear stories almost every day of Google wiping people's income out overnight, and I will never let them do that to me.

    I could care less if Google ever ranks any of my pages or doesn't let me use their massively overpriced, poor performing ad network.

    People need to wake up and smell the coffee. Do a little research on some of the things Google is doing and some of the information they are collecting. People should be be very wary of Google.

    They don't own the World Wide Web, and I see no reason why they are allowed to have such influence just because they are "Google."

    Also, what would it have to do with a WSO, or any other site for that matter?

    What's the worst they could do? Not include your site in their rankings? Oh well. Boo hoo.
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