Any suggested where to start for domain name business?

by kinxo
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Hi Guys,

Any advice where I should start if I am interested in domain name business?
Should I take a course? Also, is it too late to enter in this domain name business industry? I feel I am a bit behind and market is already saturated.

I would love to hear real experience from you guys!

Thank you,
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    Well that market is indeed saturated, but you still could
    be an affiliate of one of the market leaders, and provide
    related services as well, like website hosting.

    Have a look at webhostingtalk - domains section
    and other domainer sites and forums

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    i was wondering if someone could start today and profit with that business model..

    i imagine you'd have all kinds of competition..

    - a limited amount of words/terms/domains you could buy

    - bots that find long tail keywords with search traffic that snatch up domains every other minute..

    but then i remembered that language is alive.. just the other night I was watching the new season of south park and they were going on about "member berries" (a term they created)

    i did a quick go daddy search on the word and sure enough it was taken...

    yea, you can make money I imagine but you gotta keep your finger on the pulse of whats new and trending..

    best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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    You can become reseller of any big accreditated domain name registrars: Godaddy, namecheap etc.
    Be ready to deposit 1K-5K USD at once into account.
    Then you will need to have your own site where you will be selling domain names.
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    'Should I take a course? ' - I don't think you should. There are a lot of posts in Internet on this theme. Read and you will get more alive information than any courses can give.
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    Who is your competition and what are the successful ones doing. That's what you need to find out.
    Free Video Training Sharing The Steps To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing.
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    In my opinion you're too late.

    .com's are still valuable at the moment, but will become less and less so, with all the new tld's coming out.

    Can you still earn money with it? Probably. But I'd recommend you focus on something else.
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    That may be a hard business to make money. It is pretty competitive. I wish you luck.
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    I make a bit of money here and there selling domains, but it's nothing huge, and certainly not my main source of income. It's just an occasional side thing. I would recommend examining the domain auction sites like Flippa, eBay, TDNam, SEDO, and others, to get an idea of what other domainers are doing and how they are making money.

    I sell to other domainers, or sometimes, to website owners. Actually, my biggest sale was to someone who needed a very specific type of domain name for the website they were building for their business, and I just happened to have it up for auction. But, I think the people who have the biggest success with domaining sell to private buyers, behind the scenes.
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    Go to the Namepros forum. The big guns are usually there.
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    If you come up with some clever idea on how to generate domain names that could work, especially if you sell other services like hosting, as George Schwab suggested
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    If you're complete newbie, start reading (for free, don't buy anything yet).

    Once you get to know little bit about the jargons and business models, then you can buy a full course.

    Few years ago I read a course called domain buying blackbook or something like that, big part of it still apply to this day, surprisingly.
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