Any of you guys creating Marketing Technology Stack?

by Mehdib
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Hi Guys and Galls,
I started developing a marketing technology stack for a corporate and since they had their own digital team I had to work closely with them. It struck me that most of them had no idea what a technology stack was and I wondered how many others don't know and have never thought about it. So this is basically series of all technologies you can use to take customers/potential customers through the marketing stages of a purchase.
The model has four main stages, awareness, consideration, conversion and nurturing. Some companies add sub stages to this but the main steps stay the same.

A technology stack shows the technology footprint throughout the organisation (I prefer to involve all departments/stakeholders) and shows how each technology is used in each step. You can see some examples of the stacks here: 21 marketing technology stacks shared in The Stackies - Chief Marketing Technologist.

What we do is to look at all the available tools we currently have, the ones we need , different options and start adding and using the stack through organisation. It is one of the biggest things that is catching on among even medium size companies and I thought to share it. Loveto know your experience with it and your models if any.

Have fun
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