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Hello Warriors!

Quick question:

How would you sell/market/promote a health & fitness bundle that includes a workout program and a month's supply of protein shakes? The bundle costs between $100 and $200.

Many thanks!
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    First, you need to put a few things together:

    Lay the Foundation
    1. Lead magnet + Landing page + simple sales page - This may involve a little bit of knowledge + time to put up. you also need to be able to write a simple sales copy or you may consider to outsource it. It's a one-time cost

    2. Email follow-up - prepare follow-up emails. I suggest at least 7 - 10 emails

    Once the above are done, let's focus on the most important parts i.e marketing


    1. FB Page - Acquire "Likes" and post regularly on the topic of health + fitness. Just share tips and info. May create/outsource great video related to health/fitness from time to time and post it on FB. Good video may get shared and pass on so your FB page will get more Likes. On the FB page description, put your landing page URL for people to opt-in.

    2. FB Ads - Target those who relates to "health and fitness". Remember to drop FB pixel (code) so you can target and show ads to those who are interested with health and fitness.

    3. PPC (Bing/Adwords) - Allocate some budget for PPC as if done right, it can generate very targeted lead and thus good conversion. Use conversion tracking to track which keywords bring you the sales. Scale up the budget of the keyword that generate sales and drop the one that attract tons of clicks but zero sales.

    4. There are more ways to advertise, but I would suggest to focus on just the above 2 paid traffic methods. More importantly, track on every campaign so you know you are getting positive ROI.
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    Maybe you can also find some affiliates that are willing to promote your products?

    Give them a part of the sale and both will be happy
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    My priority would be building an email list of people in that niche. That way I can build a relationship with them and sell to them much easier.
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    Depends on your budget. You can throw money at it like PPC or facebook ads. or try doing some videos or something like that and do some advertising like that. Good luck. That is a very competitive niche.
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    Sell on your own website and promote via Facebook ads. Or, sell the whole package on Amazon or eBay, and promote on your blog, in forum links, or just by using good keywords in your package description.
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    I would also suggest (if you don't have credibility in the space) to partner with a nutritionist that could be the face of your website/brand.
    I don't know about this market but i think that having social proof in this space is vital. Lots of authentic reviews about your protein shakes would be really helpful.
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    The same system used:

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    OPT IN PAGE + FUNNEL + Upsell of products

    In your case choose a PUBLIC FIGURE in your niche, go to AUDIENCE INSIGHT of FACEBOOK and look at who really are you target.

    Then make an FB ADS choosing the characteristics of your target you learnt above: point this fb ads to your opt in page.
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    did you test if people wanted it?

    do you know what segment of the workout community you're targeting?

    does you have a starter budget for paid ad testing?

    you gotta test to find a winning combination (ad platform - squeeze page )

    -Ike Paz
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    Hey there!

    You would market it just like any other product!

    From a unique USP and offer something no one else is!
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    First of all good luck because this is a highly competitive market. Network marketers of alternative products use their own 'personal' transformation stories or those of their customers.

    Many fitness marketers also have success using Instagram and Facebook. My tips is to focus on differentiation. How is your product different than the others? How are you different from the other sellers?

    Find a niche that you can understand more than the others and can relate with you. Often teachers target other teachers, nurses target other nurses, people with depression target people that can relate with anxiety and mental illness because they have inside info on these people and challenges they face. Not all post is about the product, some of the post is about your prospective customers (for example, making them laugh with a work-related meme).
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    Hello there,

    Actually this a good combo for a fitness product! I suggest you sell it on Amazon, or have affiliates sell the product for you in exchange of a commission... However, you can also use social media to sell this kind of product. Use Facebook Ads, let your friends and family share your page and that's it!

    Make sure you have perfected your product. You know, the most imporant thing to keep in mind is you give people something of value... So do best on your work and make your product as amazing as it can be.

    Good luck!
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    I would probably add something interesting like a contest or bet! People who purchase the bundle can be eligible to join a weightloss challenge! To quality they need to submit progress pics and pics of them drinking the shake (which they give you the right to use for ads later on). Joining the challenge can help them achieve their weightloss goals and keep them accountable in not wasting their money and actually using the workout program and drinking the shake! Just keep on thinking of other promotions that are fun and would help them achieve their goals!
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    I would always recommend anyone to first promote the product on any social media platform, ideally Facebook, twitter and you-tube as they are filled with potential buyers, niche related groups and pages and also the best thing, they are completely free !

    Hope this helps.
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    I would only target people... no.. I'd make it gender specific.. maybe target women who are looking to get in shape for a particular reason..

    Such as a wedding..

    ..or for a cruise..

    Or to lose weight after a pregnancy..

    Etc. You get the idea.

    And I'd ignore everybody else in the weight loss market... at least until the first niche started to jive.
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    You got something interesting, but do you know what would set you apart in that niche? There are already a lot of fitness products around the internet so you first need to work on setting yourself apart from the rest.
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    What's nice is if you could get an FB campaign together, like set up number of likes, follows and shares to pick a winning entry who could try your product for free. Then deliver on your promise. It is not exactly difficult to promote a product that actually works.
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    Piggybacking on wodonga park's idea, once you have created the publicity. You now have the people who could back your product up through actual legitimate testimonials which are a sure fire way to get more audience.
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    Assuming you already have the basics down (website, email list, social media etc...), then the quickest way would me to join health/fitness related groups on Twitter/Facebook and also Reddit and start making related posts. Join conversations, gain followers and then start sending out links to your website where applicable.

    I'll be honest the health/weight loss market is super crowded with a TON of competition. A lot of people choose that market as their first niche, because it's used in a lot of beginner online/affiliate marketing guides. That's because it's very profitable, if you can get ranked and draw enough traffic.

    Weight lose is probably the most popular niche in the health field, everyone wants to lose weight and look good...and they're willing to pay big bucks for it.
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    You should get a fitness coach that is famous in instagram to market your products. That way, you will easily get the audience you are looking for, those fitspirations hashtags are surely worth a lot nowadays with the right person to do it for you.
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    With PayCo not only you will be able to introduce your product to other people. You can also earn from their affiliate program and have your customers register for an account there. That means automatic recruit if you have your own website things will be a lot easier. Here you will be able to earn and save at the same time.
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    Use FB. Create your own FB health group or find existing groups. You can propose your products there. Of course it will be better if you leave link on your site with good content about your products and health life.
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