Which Website/niche Is Good to Establish as a Good Recurring Income Business

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Hello guys,

i will like to get myself having established website, suggest the good one in any Niche, that would bring in good recurring income.

Your thoughtful advice will be highly appreciated
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    The best niches to make a site in are: Wealth, Health, or Relationships.

    You'll always find buyers in those 3 markets.
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    Work From Home, Dating, Health, Fitness and Sports are great niches to explore. Although you will find that most are over saturated, I would recommend you research a "specific" problem persons are having within that niche and address that specific need to achieve maximum success.
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    Make money online niche. Weight loss. Might sound a little out there, I knew of a survival niche website that was making tons of money. They had an awesome sales funnel and a membership site. A great membership site=recurring income. Something like that might not be quite as competitive as the others. Try and think out of the box a little. Good luck
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    I'd say to scratch an itch! Solve a problem you are currently experiencing and develop a product around the solution. You know it's good because you're part of the targeted demographic!
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    A great way to generate recurring revenue is selling software & tools EVERY online business owner will need,here are a few examples:


    Online business owners never let go of these services since they're so crucial to setting up shop online. I referred someone to Aweber a few years ago and I'm still getting commissions every month from that one sale.
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      Originally Posted by Edwin Torres View Post

      Wealth, Health, or Relationships.
      I'd ADD

      -Pets (keyword diversity here is crazy good)

      -Babies (there is always newbies in this market)

      -MMO (succeed in one niche, document what you did and pass it along to newbies)

      have a great day
      Ike Paz
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    Make money niche is most of the competitive marketplace. As a newbie you should target any type of low competitive niche . You may try weight loss , health, beauty .....!
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    You'll make recurring income on any website you can create a product on. Any niche works if you can create a good product, just need to sharpen your marketing skills.
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    Hello there,

    You might find that the recommendations of people here could be overwhelming...but could be more confusing. I suggest: what problem are you facing right now? What is your passion? What activities do you love doing?

    These questions are just specks of the whole money-making picture.. However, once you answer these questions, and search its demand on the Internet, you can create as many niches with the answers you have gathered!

    you are the captain of the ship... Know what you love and making money from it!

    Best of luck, bud
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    As for me, the best one I think is that niche, you are good at. But if you want an advice about most popular niches - they are about making money, training, jobs searching (how to) and all connected with this. Also you can choose travelling if you have what to propose in this sphere.
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    Choose any niche that you can write quality content. Don't worry about the audience. There are about 3 billion people online. Whatever you choose you can find a lot of audience.

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      Originally Posted by koolman2000 View Post

      Choose any niche that you can write quality content. Don't worry about the audience. There are about 3 billion people online. Whatever you choose you can find a lot of audience.
      I wonder how many websites were built with this mindset and never received a single visitor?

      I'm going to guess, one million...
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    The evergreen niches people mentioned here are all good. But what will make or break your sites is keyword research.

    Finding the right combination of high searches and low competition for your choose niche will guarantee success to your efforts. Research around this very forum for lots of good keyword research tips.
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    Dieting is an evergreen niche that is always a good one, but it's highly competitive. Most of the high money makers are really competitive, like work from home, make money online, parenting, health and wellness, pets, etc. But, with good keywords and an organized, well-funded marketing approach, you can get in on the monetary action.
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    Anything that a large number of people are passionate about will do.

    If I were starting a membership business, I would go for a subscription box service. In my opinion, there is huge potential to start a monthly membership service for nurses/medical professionals. Allow nurses, employers, patients, doctors, etc to order themselves or others.

    There are many successful businesses that are built on the disposable income of medical professionals.
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    It seems you are looking to invest in buying established websites which can give you recurring monthly income. In that case rather than thinking about the niche selection, keyword research etc you should concentrate more on the business model. Every website has its own business model. While you are buying/investing on websites, try to understand the specific business model the site is following.

    Now you need to decide which business model is suitable for you. Or using which business model you can boost the current revenue of the website to next level. You should opt for that website. I hope now it is clear what you should do.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    Winter is coming! So is Christmas.... Niche Christmas stuff for pets is very popular, if you are an Amazon affiliate, it is easy to build a sight around this. Seasonal, but popular, and not too difficult.
    Good luck!
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    I suggest you go with “Biz Opportunity” or “Education” Niche. Health and Fitness Niche can also bring in recurring revenue for you. Build your own website with web copy. SEO is very essential to rank your website in Google. If you don’t want a custom website you can use web page builder using www.godaddy.com. They will register and host a domain for you as well as you can get managed Wordpress hosting and you can launch your website in minutes. It’s super easy. You don’t need to be technical for this. Hope this will help you.
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    IMO -- you want to go after an industry that is not saturated yet.

    Offer something that businesses don't have yet. Also I say businesses because consumed products are typically harder to sell since you're going after a moving target because when you sell to EVERYONE you end up selling to NO ONE. Just my 2 cents.

    Andrew Gazdecki - CEO at Bizness Apps, Inc.

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    It would great if try sexual health and fitness or some innovation dating site.
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    dating is evergreen niche
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    Self help is one of the bigger niches and you can definitely make recurring income with it. Then again you can make consistent recurring income with any of the evergreen niches. It's your marketing efforts that will determine if you get a consistent income or not.

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    Here's a novel approach . . .

    Use your own personal experience, education, training, hobbies, interests, working career and other things you already know about to give yourself a head start and advantage in a niche.

    Look at what you are already good at, what you can teach someone else, what subjects you personally like and understand. Then do your market research to verify that people go online to buy the kind of information you will produce and market.

    Any niche can be a wonderful money-maker for you . . . and a total bust for someone else . . . and vice versa. It all depends upon you and how well you can provide answers, solutions, and help for people in the niche and how well you can gather and nurture your audience so they will trust you and buy on your recommendations.

    For the best chance at success, go into a subject that you understand, that you like, that has proven buyers who will tell you what they want, and that has "holes" or gaps in the information that is currently available online.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    The one niche you love working

    Profits follow passions.

    Finances follow fun.

    Because if you have FUN doing what you're doing, you don't worry or obsess over money outcomes. Which helps you create the value and make the connections with niche influencers, which helps you boost those sweet, sweet profits

    What can you talk about all day long?

    Build your niche around that.

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Choose a NARROW niche which belong to the major niches: Wealth, Health, Dating.

    As an example, you can focus on Investements with Forex Manual Strategy

    Or Home Fitness... Just build your list and market your leads while givin good advices!
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    Some of the advice shared here is so off base it's frightening...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    If you decide to go the affiliate marketing route, you can search for recurring income products ( clickbank & JVzoo have this feature). Otherwise you can create your own membership site around a topic you have knowledge in, then drip feed monthly content to paying customers.

    I know there are certain wordpress themes that make setting up membership sites easy. Can't recall the name of the one I have but it's from marketer Sam Baker...should be easy to search though.

    Good Luck
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    You already have some great suggestions here. Here's my input..

    1. Look at the evergreen niche markets: health, wealth and romance. They are profitable and will always be,

    Health market includes niches like weight loss, diets, all sorts of health problems, quit smoking to name a few.

    Wealth includes Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, Multi-level marketing, Forex and others where there is money to be made.

    Romance refers to dating, attracting the opposite sex, getting ex back, finding a wife/husband and many more.

    There are desperate people in these markets looking for solutions to their problems. People are willing and ready to spend money.

    People will continue to want to make money, health problems are not going anywhere, and wanting to be loved is something that's never going to change. That's what makes these markets evergreen.

    CHOOSE the one you would enjoy working on.

    2. Once you choose your target market, go deeper into specific sub niches. If you're interested in the relationship market - you can choose to target specific demographics like gender, age etc., specific needs like men who lack the confidence to approach women...

    3. Spend time on forums related to your target market and you will get plenty of ideas.

    All the best!
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    all of the above suggestions will work if the right amount of effort is being put into it. But, for beginners I would advise against picking the most common/ profitable niches, because a lot of money and efforts will need to be invested in this scenario.
    I would pick a very small niche, in which I have a bit of knowledge, too, and I would start with that small niche. This way, the efforts and the financial investments wouldn't have to be at a very high level in order to see some success. After learning how to succeed in this game, I would venture into more profitable niches, too.
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