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I have been trying to figure this one out and think it is a great idea! I currently send a thank you email to all my new customers after I write their business. I am trying to figure out how I could put together a tactful thank you letter that they could forward to their friends/groups as a referral to get a quote on their home and auto insurance. I want this to be easy and all they have to do is forward it on. I get a lot of referrals and know this would work for my business and many other businesses on here. Let's put our heads together and figure this one out.

I'm wondering if there is a way to have it setup that when they hit forward maybe something like: I recently purchased my auto insurance through Averson Insurance Agency. You should give them a try. It only took me a few minutes to get quotes online, etc....

Any ideas?
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    There are scripts you can get that do this, that allow them to enter their friends emails and what not. You could put one of these scripts in a thank you PAGE instead of a thank you email. This way you could control the email.

    You could even offer a free gift if they enter the information this might help as it would be another step for them to go to a site then it will to an email.
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      ChimpMail has the forward-to-friend feature built into their email service (every email has a forward to a friend link at the bottom).

      You need to read read their FAQ on how to do this properly (e.g., don't try to take the friends' email addresses for your own marketing).

      If you want a simple offline followup, look at click2mail.

      Check out Jay Abraham's 93 Extraordinary Referral Systems for some other ideas.
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