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I run an SEO agency and one of the service I provide is write press release and submit it to Paid Press Release service that can get maximum exposure.

So, far we have paying per press release, and since we are not charging the client the press release distribution it is becoming costy pretty quick

I have been searching for Press Release Company that offer unlimited press releases per month for fixed amount ( I recall SBWIre used to do that and they were great, but looking at their current plans they switched to pay per press release ).

I done some search and this is what I come with so far :

- PRBUZZ : Unlimited for $299 ( I googled some of their press release and I don't believe you getting exposure )

- emailwire : $198/3 Months , unlimited, but get the same impression as PRBUZZ

- abnewswire : Not really unlimited even though they claim that, after 14 pr, they start charging per press release $7, this being said it seems that they actually have decent service.

I would like to hear from other warriors, is there any press release company that offer agency account where we pay fixed amount per month for unlimited press releases ? do you have experience with any of the above and believe that one of them in particular worth it.

I am aware none of them is PRWeb or PRNewswire ( I still use them for high end packages ), but I am looking for something decent for regular clients.

Any recommendations ?
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