Resume Service: Best way to create the sales funnel?

by grey38
3 replies
I'm using wordpress, and at the moment I'm thinking of using a woo commerce compatible wordpress theme. I'm familiar with how it all would work, my question is what would be the best way to put the sales funnel together...

It's going to start with them choosing a theme they like. Then I'll have them create a free account that allows them to save their information inside woocommerces membership plugin. From there, once they upload their resume, or fill out a form with their information/experience they're taken to the payment page. Here they will pay for the resume, then it's submitted to me (to complete the service for them).

Anyone with experience with sales funnels, do you have any advice for me? Like should I get a payment sooner? or not allow them to have a free account? all advice welcomed, thanks,

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