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Hi to all!

This will be my very first IM project. I have been studying about IM since the start of this year and up to now I have not been able to come up with a product. I let procrastination and information overload rule me for the past months.

But now I have the resolve to really earn online since technically I have no source of income now and I really need some cash. With that, I want to harness my graphics skills and create ebook templates and also simple mini site templates that go with the ebook templates. My main product would focus on ebook templates.

I would like to know the feasiblity of this project.

How many marketers use ebook templates?
What is the demand for this?
What are some good product delivery / bonuses that I can package with it? (PLR, MRR, etc.)

Hopefully I'll be able to launch a product this September.

Thanks in advance for the support!!!
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    Congrats on finally choosing something.

    The first thing I would do is create a new post on this forum with the title of "How many marketers use ebook templates?"

    Really, what you should be doing is finding your market FIRST and then creating the product. You seem to be doing it back to front (choosing the solution before finding the market)... which usually spells a recipe for disaster

    Good luck!

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    Thanks a lot for the reply!

    Yes that's a great approach. I guess I got excited on developing the product before researching on the market.

    I guess I'll go and research more.

    Thanks again!

    Any other people out there for some comments?
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