Choosing a foreign pen name for my blog!

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I understand that there are many bloggers around the world who don't speak or write perfect English, yet they are able to blog in English and they've successful blogs.

However, I don't want to use my real name in my blog, NOT because of personal or private reasons, but because my real name is kinda weird and unmemorable, because I'm from mama Africa.

So, can I use a foreign (French, Russian, or ...) pen name for my blog that sounds real enough?

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    yea, sure

    ppl do it all the time..

    nothing stopping u

    -Ike Paz
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    yes, using pen name is good in many cases. Having said that, some people prefer to use their own name, it's really individual preference and which one you're comfortable with. Your blog reader is more concern on the content rather than the blog owner's name. Publish good, quality content and you will build followers in no time.
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    Yes,if you do not intend to brand your actual self as a blogger in related niche, then it should be fine.
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    We think that's not problem in using a pen name for your blog. However, you can explain your case to your audience!

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    I think you can use any name you want. That's your choice, choosing a nice name (as also a nick name) will let you more confident and comfortable in your business. Good luck to you
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    Yes you can definitely use a foreign pen
    name. Just choose something that is
    easy to remember.
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